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13 Perfect Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Cat

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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13 Perfect Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Cat

Losing a cat is the most difficult part of having a cat. When you or a loved one loses a beloved friend, time is the best thing for healing. However, offering up a gift can often help make the grieving process easier.

Finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of options, but here are some of the best gifts you can get for yourself or give to a friend who has lost a cat.

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The Top 13 Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Cat

1. Memory Jar

pearhead memory jar

A memory jar is a lovely option for someone who has lost their cat because it’s a multifunctional gift. It can be used as an urn for ashes but can also be used to hold fur clippings and belongings, like a favorite toy or a collar.

It’s a simple gift that can be used anywhere and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s a basic design that suits many types of home décor, making it a perfect accent piece or centerpiece.

If you decide to keep your cat’s ashes in this memory jar, it can be sealed with a rubber gasket, ensuring no accidental spills. It’s made from mouth-blown glass and sturdy, elegant mango wood, and this particular memory jar allows you to store the ashes out of sight in the wooden top of the jar.

  • Multifunctional gift
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Can be sealed with a rubber gasket
  • Can hold ashes out of sight in the wooden piece
  • Expensive option

2. Memorial Stone with Picture Frame

Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone with Picture Frame

A memorial stone is a good pick for indoor or outdoor use. This particular memorial stone features a built-in picture frame that allows you to insert a 2” x 3” photo of your choosing. It features a touching quote about the unconditional love we feel toward our pets.

It’s made from weatherproof resin that is made to look and feel like real stone but at a lighter weight. It can be used indoors or outdoors, although it is not as strong as real stone and should not be used to hold weight like a stepping stone. For indoor use, it has a base that allows it to be stood up for display.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Holds a picture and features a quote
  • Looks and feels like real stone
  • Comes with a display base
  • Not as strong as stone

3. Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

This book by Lyn Ragan discusses how to look for messages that pets may pass on from beyond the grave. While this gift isn’t up everyone’s alley, it is a comforting thought for many people to believe that their cat is reaching out from the afterlife to provide comfort and guidance.

Due to the difficulty associated with identifying these signs from our pets after passing, it can be easy to miss the messages. This book aims to help you become more in tune with the world around you, finding those small messages however your cat may send them to you.

  • Unique gift idea
  • Helps people become more in tune with their cat’s messages
  • Can provide a sense of comfort and purpose
  • Helps people find messages in unexpected places
  • Not a suitable gift for people with certain belief systems

4. Wall Frame and Impression Kit

Pearhead Pawprints Dog & Cat Wall Frame and Impression Kit, Espresso

Having a pawprint impression from your cat can be a huge comfort and give you the feeling that your cat is still with you in some small way. This kit features an impression-making kit for making an impression of your cat’s paw before or after their passing.

It also has a frame for a photograph and to put the impression into. This espresso-colored wooden frame is neutral and handsome, making it a lovely addition to just about any home’s décor. It’s easy to put everything together, and the enclosed frame and acid-free mat will keep the photo and impression safe for years to come.

  • Can make it feel like a pet is still there in some way
  • Frame holds a picture and a pawprint impression
  • Includes easy-to-use impression-making kit
  • Enclosed frame and acid-free mat keep everything safe
  • Impression must be taken before or shortly after a pet’s passing

5. Pawprints Left By You Picture Frame

Pawprints Left by You Cat Picture Frame

Pawprints Left By You is a touching poem about the feelings of grief and loss we experience after the death of a pet. This tabletop frame brings together this lovely poem on one side of the foldout frame and a space for a 5” x 7” picture on the other side.

As an added touch, this item includes a black and white stitched ribbon with a silver disc that has a pawprint stamped into it. This disc can be removed and replaced with your cat’s collar tag or another memorial item of your choosing. If you don’t like the poem, it can be removed and replaced with a second 5” x 7” photograph.

  • Includes a lovely poem about the loss of a pet
  • Holds a poem and a 5” x 7” photograph
  • Includes a ribbon and silver disc that can be replaced with a collar tag
  • Poem can be removed and replaced with a second photograph
  • Not made to hang on a wall

6. Memorial Frame with Ashes Locket

Cathedral Art Pet Memorial Frame with Ashes Locket

This frame takes a simple, lightweight pewter picture frame and turns it into something special. It features the phrase “you left pawprints on my heart” across the top of the frame and holds a 2.5” x 2.5” photograph.

It also includes a small, heart-shaped locket that dangles in a space next to the picture. The locket contains a small vial that can be used to store a small portion of your cat’s ashes. It can also be used to hold fur cuttings. This locket can also be added to a necklace to keep the ashes close to your heart at all times.

  • Lightweight pewter frame with an engraved phrase
  • Holds a photograph and a dangling locket
  • Heart-shaped locket contains a small vial for ashes or fur
  • Locket can be added to a necklace
  • Photo size is limited to 2.5” x 2.5”

7. Memorial Stone Marker

Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone Marker

This memorial stone marker is a simple and affordable gift option for someone who has lost their cat. It cannot be personalized and doesn’t have space for a picture, but it can be used indoors or outdoors. It features a nice quote about the love we continue to feel for our pets after they pass, as well as a few cute pawprints.

It’s made from weatherproof resin, and it looks and feels like real stone. It’s lightweight and should not be walked on, though. It includes a display base, allowing you to proudly display this stone on a shelf or mantle.

  • Simple and affordable gift option
  • Features a quote and pawprint art
  • Weatherproof resin looks and feels like stone
  • Includes a display base
  • Cannot be personalized

8. Classic Paws Series Horizontal Print Urn

Best Friend Services Classic Paws Series Horizontal Print Dog & Cat Urn

When a pet is cremated, they are typically returned in some type of urn box. Usually, these boxes are simple and may not be suited to your personal taste or what you feel matches your cat’s personality. This urn is a great option for enhancing the ashes of a pet by making the urn a bold centerpiece in a home.

The featured pawprint pattern is cute, but combined with the overall high-quality appearance, the urn has an elegant look. This urn is available in multiple sizes to suit cats of any size, or even to add some favorite items to the urn with the ashes. It has a screw-top lid to keep the lid securely in place, even if dropped.

  • Creates a bold centerpiece
  • Elegant and high-quality appearance
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Screw-top lid keeps ashes securely in place
  • May not suit the décor of all homes

9. Cat Windchime

Carson Industries Forever In My Heart Cat Chime

A windchime is a lovely way to memorialize a pet cat, especially a cat that loved spending time outdoors. Windchimes bring a sense of calm to any outdoor space, and this windchime also brings happy memories of a beloved cat.

This windchime is made of pewter and features a cat with windchimes dangling below it. The cat features blue epoxy wings. Below the chimes themselves is a heart-shaped piece of pewter that says, “No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.” The back of the heart is blank, leaving space for personal engraving if desired.

  • May bring a sense of calm to an outdoor or indoor space
  • Detailed pewter windchime
  • Features a quote
  • Has space for personal engraving
  • May be too noisy for some outdoor spaces

10. Custom Silver Nose Pendant

Precious Metal Prints Custom Silver Pet Nose Pendant

One of the most loved and unique parts of cats are their noses. This customizable pendant allows you to order an exact replica of your cat’s nose print. It includes an 18” necklace, and the necklace and pendant are handmade from fine silver.

This is a great option for someone whose pet has not yet passed, simply because the manufacturer sends a kit to collect the nose impression, so it may take a few days. Once made, this pendant should last a long time if cared for properly.

  • Creates an exact replica of a nose print
  • Includes a silver chain and pendant
  • Handmade from high-quality silver
  • Will last a long time if cared for properly
  • Expensive
  • Works best if the pet hasn’t passed yet

11. Custom Silver Nose Keyring

Precious Metal Prints Custom Silver Pet Nose Key Ring

For someone who is unlikely to wear jewelry, this is a great option. This kit allows you to get an exact replica of a cat’s nose print in keyring form, allowing you to take it anywhere. It’s handmade from high-quality silver, and the keyring itself is made from sterling silver.

This gift works best before the pet has passed since it does require a kit to be sent from the manufacturer to acquire the nose print. It will last for a long time if cared for properly, but is likely to require more frequent cleaning than jewelry might due to more frequent handling of a keyring.

  • Creates an exact replica of a nose print
  • Includes a silver pendant and keyring
  • Handmade from high-quality silver
  • Will last a long time if cared for properly
  • Expensive
  • Works best if pet hasn’t passed yet
  • May require more frequent cleaning than jewelry options

12. 14k Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Kitty Love Heart Pendant

Scamper & Co 14K Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Kitty Love Heart Pendant Necklace

For the jewelry lover in your life, this necklace is a fantastic pick. It features 14-karat gold plated sterling silver, as well as cubic zirconia gemstones. It features a cat-and-heart shape within the pendant. The backplate of the pendant features a fishbone design, making it cute and eye-catching, even when the pendant gets turned backward.

Although not customizable, it’s beautiful and can be a touching memorial piece for you to give to a friend who has lost a cat. It’s also a nice gift option for the cat lover in your life, or to give to yourself.

  • 14-karat gold plated sterling silver and cubic zirconia
  • Eye-catching shape
  • Backplate has a cute pattern
  • Expensive
  • Not customizable

13. Personalized Pet Memorial Stone

Kay Berry If Love Could Have Saved You Angel Personalized Pet Memorial Stone

Although this is another memorial stone option, this one features a fully customizable section, allowing you to input pet information or quotes. The stone itself has an engraving of an angel and a lovely quote about the strength of our love for our pets.

It’s cast in stone and is made to withstand the elements, but can also be kept indoors. It is made from real stone and is quite sturdy, although it’s not advisable to use it as a stepping stone or to bear significant weight. It does have a hook on the back, in case you’d prefer to hang it on a wall.

  • Fully customizable section
  • Features angel artwork and a quote
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from real stone
  • Can be hung on a wall
  • Expensive
  • Not good for bearing weight

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There are so many types of gifts to memorialize a cat, which can make it really difficult to narrow the search. Try looking for gifts that will be functional for the person you are purchasing it for. For example, an outdoorsy person who spent lots of time in the garden with their cat will likely enjoy an outdoor memorial stone more than someone who wears a lot of jewelry and stays indoors most of the time.

Customizable options are a lovely way to show a friend that you’re thinking of them and have considered the specifics of their situation, but a customizable gift isn’t a necessity. When it comes to memorial gifts, “it’s the thought that counts” almost always applies. If you have a friend who has lost a pet, they will appreciate knowing that you are thinking of them in this difficult time.

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