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Fromm Cat Food Review of 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

fromm cat food review

Fromm Cat Food Review of 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Fromm Cat food a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

Fromm is a family-run business based in Wisconsin. The business started, in 1909, producing the first distemper vaccine for dogs, and sold their first dog food in 1949. Today, the fifth-generation family business produces nutritional, high-quality foods for cats and dogs, produced in their three manufacturing plants all based in Wisconsin, USA.

They source high-quality meat and vegetables for their recipes, to help owners give their pets as long and healthy lives as possible. They choose fresh vegetables that are packed with vitamins and essential minerals, and they are also well-respected for their inclusion of probiotics and other supplements to further meet the unique needs of your cat. Some of the recipes do include grains, but there are no known harmful or potentially harmful ingredients in any of the formulae.

Whether your cat is a picky eater, you want food sourced from the USA, or you insist on nutritious and natural ingredients, Fromm cat food could be ideal for you. However, its use of quality ingredients means that it isn’t the cheapest food available.

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At a Glance: The Best Fromm Cat Food Recipes:

Image Product Details
Our Favorite Fromm FourStar Gamebird Fromm FourStar Gamebird
  • Good variety of meat ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Contains probiotics
  • Fromm FourStar Salmon Tunachovy Fromm FourStar Salmon Tunachovy
  • Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • Good variety of fresh mediterranean garden vegetables
  • Fromm FourStar Canned Salmon Tuna Pate Fromm FourStar Canned Salmon Tuna Pate
  • Natural ingredients
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Fromm Cat Food Reviewed

    About Fromm Pet Foods

    Fromm is manufactured by the fifth-generation, family-owned Fromm pet food company. The company is based in Wisconsin, where its three manufacturing plants are located. They started out developing vaccines for dogs in the early 20th century and, by the mid 20th century, they had started to produce dog food. They continue to manufacture food for canines and have introduced several lines of cat food.

    All Fromm food is manufactured in Wisconsin and the company seems to take quality control seriously. Their plants are regularly inspected by the various pet food health and hygiene services. Although the company has announced one recall, this was for one of their brands of dog food in 2016, and none of their cat food ranges have ever had to be recalled.

    Which Types of Cats is Fromm Best Suited For?

    There is a wide range of cat foods available from Fromm, including food for kittens and seniors, as well as adult cats. As such, they have food suitable for all ages, and all breeds.

    Common Ingredients

    Fromm manufactures a wide range of both dry and wet cat foods, and each has its unique ingredients. However, some ingredients feature regularly, and we have checked for controversial and potentially harmful ingredients in each of the foods. Happily, there are no potentially harmful ingredients. Some of the recipes do include grain, but more and more of Fromm’s recipes are grain-free. Some ingredients were commonplace and worthy of mention.

    • Pea Protein – Pea protein is a cheap filler ingredient that is found in a lot of Fromm’s dry food lines. It is the third most common ingredient in Gamebird dry food. It is considered a low-quality protein but is included because it is cheap and fills out the food. This can be worrying considering the price of Fromm food.
    • Duck and Duck Meal – The Gamebird Fourstar range is one of the company’s most popular lines. Although it does include pea protein, as well as some other lower quality fillers, its primary ingredients are duck and duck meal. Animal protein of this type is considered high quality and is important in the diet of obligate carnivores like cats. They need meat-based protein.
    • Probiotics – Probiotics are found in Fromm’s food ingredient list. As in people, probiotics encourage good gut health. They enable your cat to turn the food they consume into energy and they strengthen your cat’s immune defenses.

    Natural Ingredients

    Fromm’s ingredient lists are filled with natural ingredients, and they do not include artificial coloring or other artificial ingredients. The ingredients are considered to be species-appropriate, so they mimic or replicate the same food that your cat would eat in the wild.

    Complementary Food Ranges

    Some of Fromm’s ranges, especially the Fourstar range, are considered to be complementary. You can buy Fourstar dry and wet foods, and the company offers recommended combinations that not only provide a fully balanced diet but that taste good together. Similarly, while the dry foods are high in carbs, the wet food is lower in carbs and also gets most of its protein from meat sources.

    Beneficial For Special Diets

    Fromm also manufactures a range called Gold. This premium range is made from fresh ingredients delivered daily. The company manufactures short runs, and the range includes specialist formulae designed for kittens and seniors, as well as the holistic range for adult cats. Cats have different dietary requirements at different stages of their life. The kitten range has additional supplements to encourage healthy bones and good digestion. Similarly, some of the foods are made to grain-free recipes, which makes them suitable for cats with sensitivities and allergies.

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    Fromm Food Is on The Expensive Side

    Fromm food is made from natural ingredients and, apart from a small number of lower-quality fillers, it is made from ingredients that are considered high quality and species-appropriate. However, this does mean that Fromm cat food is among some of the most expensive on the market. If you are looking for a budget or cheap cat food, then this is not it.

    A Quick Look at Fromm Cat Food

    • Natural ingredients
    • Plenty of meat-based protein
    • Some grain-free formulae
    • Dry and wet food choices
    • No controversial or potentially harmful ingredients
    • Expensive
    • Contains some cheap fillers (pea protein)

    Recall History

    Although Fromm experienced its first and, to date, only recall in 2016, this was for one of their dog food lines that had too high a level of vitamin D. They have had no recalls for cat food.

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    Reviews of the 3 Best Fromm Cat Food Recipes

    1. Fromm Fourstar Gamebird Dry Food

    Fromm FourStar Cat Food Gamebird

    Fromm Fourstar Gamebird Dry Food’s primary ingredients are duck and duck meal, which are a high-quality meat-based source of protein. The food does include pea protein, as well as peas and pea flour, but it is a grain-free diet that consists of natural ingredients and a varied range of meats and meat ingredients. The inclusion of pea protein, which is a cheap filler, is disappointing considering the cost of the food, but, overall, the ingredients are high quality.

    Other beneficial ingredients include salmon oil and chicken fat, which are a source of omega fatty acids. Yucca extract can help to minimize the odor from your cat’s poop, and the probiotics help maintain good gut health in your cat.

    In terms of nutritional content, the food is 41% protein and 37% carbohydrates.

    Despite a few lower-quality ingredients, the Fourstar Gamebird dry food is a high-quality formula that is popular with cats. It rarely causes vomiting and diarrhea, and it meets the dietary requirements of adult felines. However, there is no avoiding the fact that it is expensive food.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    Fromm gamebird

    • Good variety of meat ingredients
    • No artificial ingredients
    • Contains probiotics
    • High in carbs
    • Uses pea protein
    • Pricey

    3. Fromm FourStar Salmon Tunachovy Cat Food

    fromm tunachovey

    As well as a holistic food for adult cats, Fromm also manufactures a grain-free formula Fourstar Salmon Tunachovy which is meant for all life stages. Its primary ingredient is salmon, followed by tuna and anchovy. One of the things we love about this recipe is that it is interchangeable with other Four-Star can and dry recipes, which helps give your cat some variety during her mealtimes.

    • Varied meat ingredients
    • Contains vitamins and supplements and probiotics
    • Expensive

    3. Fromm Salmon and Tuna Pate

    Fromm Fourstar Cat Food Canned Salmon Tuna Pate

    Fromm’s Salmon and Tuna Pate is a canned wet food that is made primarily from minced tuna, salmon, and whitefish. Most cats will enjoy the taste of the fish, and Fromm has further enhanced the flavor through the addition of fish broth and chicken liver. This is another Fromm food that is made from natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial colorings or other artificial ingredients.

    With 10% protein, this food is considered a good dietary complement to dry food. Dry foods do not contain enough moisture for cats, and adding wet food can help ensure that they get the water they need without expecting them to drink from a water bowl.

    Like the Gamebird dry food, this is another grain-free formula, so is suitable for sensitive stomachs. It is also considered expensive, thanks primarily to its natural and high-quality ingredients.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    fromm tuna salmon pate

    • Natural ingredients
    • Added vitamins and minerals
    • Grain-free recipe
    • Expensive

    What Other Users Are Saying

    Here’s what others are saying about Fromm’s range of cat foods:

    • FelineLiving – “Many have thrived on the brand’s pet foods with skin, fur, and digestion issues showing significant improvements.”
    • MyPetNeedsThat – “Pet food researchers agree that Fromm is some of the best on the market for providing quality sources of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates from fantastic sources.”
    • Amazon – Check Amazon reviews to see what other buyers think and, perhaps more beneficially, whether their cats enjoyed the food.

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    Fromm produces both dry and wet food, including kitten and senior as well as general adult foods. They use natural ingredients, including a good variety of meat-based proteins, and they do not use artificial flavorings, colorings, or other artificial ingredients. Although their products are at the expensive end of the market, their food is generally considered good value for money because of the quality of the ingredients.

    With that said, you will still find pea protein and tomato pomace in some of the foods. While these are not harmful to your cat, they are considered inexpensive filler and could be replaced with higher quality and more beneficial ingredients.

    However, their food is popular with cats as well as owners, and the brand has an excellent history of quality control. After selling pet food for 70 years, they have never had a single cat food recall.

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