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Do Cats Like Fans? FAQs & Alternatives

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Do Cats Like Fans? FAQs & Alternatives

When summer is approaching, many cat parents no doubt think about how to keep their cats cool and comfortable. If you’re wondering whether a fan can help your cats through those long summer days, the answer is that they most certainly can. Fans can be a good way to cool down your cat in hot weather. Maintaining good air circulation is one of several ways you can prevent your cats from overheating.

In this post, we will explore why fans are good for cats in hot weather and share some tips for keeping your cats as cool as cucumbers this summer.

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Will a Fan Bother My Cat?

Cats aren’t usually bothered by fans. As a matter of fact, a fan can be used to help keep your cat comfortable when the sun’s a-blazing. While cats don’t sweat in the same way that humans do, a cool breeze certainly helps keep their overall body temperature in the safe range. The gentle breeze is often relaxing for cats, and many will happily sit in front of or near a fan when it’s running.

The only time a fan is likely to bother your cat is if they try to climb on it, resulting in a fall. For that reason, you might want to avoid tall fans. If you have a particularly noisy fan, that might trouble your cat a little, too.

It’s also hugely important to make sure that your fan has a grill on it. This is because curious cats might be a little too intrigued by the motion of the blades and end up injured if they get too close.

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Image by: BadPixma, Shutterstock

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How Can I Keep My Cat Cool in Summer?

Just like with humans, hot weather can be dangerous for cats. Cats can get sunburnt (crusty, red skin is a symptom of this) and suffer from heatstroke. Initial heatstroke symptoms include restlessness, sweaty paws, panting, drooling, and over-grooming.

As the condition worsens, you may spot rapid breathing and pulse, redness in the mouth area, vomiting, and lethargy, and your cat may struggle to stand up straight. If you suspect heatstroke, get your cat to a vet immediately. Apart from using a fan, you can do a few other things in summer to keep your cat cool and safe.

Provide Your Cats With Ice

Pop a few ice cubes in your cat’s water bowl, or give them to your cat to play with. Your cat will have a whale of a time batting these slippery little “toys” around. Cats’ paws are an important part of their cooling systems as this is where they absorb heat, so ice cubes are a simple, fun way to keep their temperature down.

Another idea is to make DIY popsicles for your cat. These are often made by mixing wet cat food with cat milk and pouring the mixture into an ice cube tray. For something simpler, you could just freeze cat milk. Not every cat will take to “catsicles”, but it might be worth a shot.

Gray persian cat is licking ice
Image Credit: Chaiwat Hemakom, Shutterstock

Use Cooling Pads

Another great way to keep your cat cool in summer is to give them a cooling pad or mat to lay on. Different brands use different cooling technologies, but they’re all designed to keep your cat comfortable. Best of all, they’re often inexpensive to buy. You can either put them in your cat’s bed or lay them in their favorite snoozing spot.

Keep Fresh Water on Hand

This one is a no-brainer—providing your cats with water is important at any time of year, but especially in summer. Keep water bowls in shady spots and place a few in different areas around your home. You might want to consider a water fountain to encourage your cat to drink more.

Groom Regularly

If you see your cat grooming more than usual in summer, it’s because they’re trying to get rid of dead hair to keep themselves cool. You can give them a helping hand by grooming them regularly. If you have a medium or long-haired cat, you might want to consider a visit to a professional groomer.

Another grooming tip is to take a damp washcloth and run it over your cat’s fur. The cold water has a cooling effect on your cat’s skin. Not every cat will tolerate this well, though.

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Image Credit: Chewy

Close Curtains and Blinds

The sun blazing through your windows will culminate in an uncomfortable environment for all, including your cats. During the day, try to keep curtains and blinds closed, especially in areas where your cat likes to nap or hang out. They’re sure to appreciate having a nice, shady spot to go to.

Don’t Shut Your Cat in Rooms

Be careful with shutting doors in your home in case your cat is inside. If your cat is trapped in a hot place like a greenhouse or non-air-conditioned room, the consequences could be fatal. Keep an eye on where your cat sleeps and hangs out, and keep the door open at all times.

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Image Credit: Lauren Hudgins, Pixabay

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Final Thoughts

Most cats will appreciate the cool breeze of a fan, but this is just one of many methods of keeping your cat cool in the summer months. Avoiding sunburn and heatstroke in cats largely comes down to a few simple techniques and common sense. With all the ice pads, ice treats, ice cubes, and extra grooming it invites, summer is starting to sound like a pretty fun time for cats!

Featured Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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