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5 DIY Ant-Proof Cat Bowls: Vet-Approved Ideas To Try Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Chelsie Frasier

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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5 DIY Ant-Proof Cat Bowls: Vet-Approved Ideas To Try Today (With Pictures)


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You’re not alone if you’re frustrated with ants getting into your cat’s bowl. It can be extremely frustrating, not to mention a waste of cat food. But we’re here to help. Here are our favorite DIY ant-proof cat bowls that you can make at home to solve your ant problem for good!3 cat divider

The 5 DIY Ant-Proof Cat Bowls

1. Easy DIY Ant-Proof Bowl from The Links Site

How to Keep Ants out of Cat Food (A Quick and Easy DIY)
Image Credit: thelinkssite
Materials: Large saucer, cat food bowl that fits into the saucer
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

This easy-to-make ant-proof bowl uses two bowls instead of one. You will need a large bowl and a small one that fits inside the large one. Add water to the large one, and place your cat food inside the small bowl.

2. Water Moat Bowl from Instructables

Image Credit: instructables
Materials: Plastic container
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

Making a water moat around your cat’s food bowl is the clear solution to ant problems. This version of an ant-free cat bowl uses a plastic outer bowl and a stainless-steel inner bowl.

Much like most other DIY ant-free bowls, you’ll make a water moat around your cat food, placing the food in the inner bowl.

3. Pot Lid Ant Proof Cat Feeder

ant proof pet food bowls
Image Credit: Homify
Materials: Pot rack, plastic container/pet bowl, shallow lid
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

Using a plain old pot rack will help make your cat bowl ant-proof and elevate the bowl for your cat. Elevated surfaces create less strain on your kitty’s neck and are more stable overall, meaning less likely to spill water or food. Put a little water onto your shallow lid, put the pot rack on top, and slot in your cat’s bowl. Voila, you have an elevated ant-proof cat bowl.

4. Baking Soda Barrier

diy feeding station
Image Credit: Alley Cat Allies
Materials: Baking soda, pet bowl
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

Just a circular sprinkle of baking soda around your cat’s food and water bowls can keep away ants. This is similar to diatomaceous earth but more widely available. More importantly, it’s non-toxic to cats and less off-putting to their sensitive noses. Better yet, you likely already have the two things you need: a pet bowl and baking soda.

5. DIY Anti-Ant Pet Food Bowl

diy anti-ant pet food bowl
Image Credit: Seriously Trivial
Materials: Pet bowl, saucer dish
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

Take your cat’s regular bowl and put it on a saucer dish with a bit of a lip on it. Then, all you need to do is fill the saucer with water, like a little moat. The ants won’t be able to get past the water, thus leaving your cat’s food free from ants. This DIY anti-ant bowl is that simple! divider-catclaw1

Other Methods to Keep Ants Out of Cat Food

You can use several natural methods to prevent ants from stealing your cat’s food. The following avoid the use of toxic ant sprays, which, unfortunately, are also toxic to your cat.

1. Store food in plastic bins

The first defense against ant invaders is to store your pet’s food somewhere that they can’t get in. Airtight plastic containers are the best place to store cat food to avoid pests. It will also improve the freshness and shelf life of the kibble.

2. Make a barrier around your cat food

Ants won’t walk over the top of certain substances. You can take advantage of this fact and make a barrier around your cat’s food bowl to keep them out.

Here are a few options for barriers:

Make a circle around your cat food bowl with one of these substances to keep them out of the food. Do note, though, that the smell might be off-putting to your cat too.

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3. Regularly clean the food bowl

Ants are most attracted to crumbs and leftover food. The easiest way to keep them out is to keep the bowl clean. Use pet-safe dish detergent to wash your cat’s dish every couple of days and rinse it well to remove any soap residue before putting food back in.

Washing animal food bowls under the tap in the kitchen sink.
Image Credit: MargaPI, Shutterstock

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There are several easy and inexpensive ways to keep your cat’s food bowl ant-free. Use one of the DIY plans and other listed tips to keep those pests away!

Featured Image Credit By: pedphoto36pm, Shutterstock

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