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Chinchilla British Shorthair Cat: Pictures, Facts, Origin & History

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 26, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Green - eyed British Shorthair Golden Chinchilla

Chinchilla British Shorthair Cat: Pictures, Facts, Origin & History

The Chinchilla British Shorthair has a gorgeous white coat with silver highlights. If you’ve ever seen one of these kittens, you’ll be struck by its pretty colors and sweet personality.

However, there’s much more to a Chinchilla British Shorthair cat than its looks and temperament. The cat does get along well with other animals, children, and anyone who wants an easy-going, laid-back companion.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the Chinchilla British Shorthair cat’s history, origins, and even a few fun facts you might not know.

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The Earliest Records of the Chinchilla British Shorthair in History

The British Shorthair is a cat with a long history. The story of the British Shorthair begins in the first century AD and with the Roman Empire. As usual, the Romans attempted to conquer their neighbors. When the Roman military sailed for the British Isles, they brought cats to keep their camps free from mice.

Although the Romans could not set up a permanent home in Britain, their cats did. The Roman cats bred with the stray cats that inhabited the British Isles, leading to the modern British Shorthair. The Chinchilla British Shorthair came along much later. In the 1970s, the British Shorthair was bred with the Chinchilla Persian to produce a cat with a shimmering white coat; this resulted in the Chinchilla British Shorthair. If you see one of these stunning felines, you won’t soon forget it.

Golden British Shorthair Cat
Image Credit: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

How the Chinchilla British Shorthair Gained Popularity

The British Shorthair has come a long way from its mice-hunting ancestors to become the adorable companion it is today. In the 1800s, the British Shorthair was bred to have a bluish-gray color for which it is still known. Then in 1871, the first-ever cat show was held and featured a British Shorthair. This British Shorthair was immensely popular with the crowd, and it looked like its popularity would keep rising; sadly, outside circumstances interfered.

During World War I, the British Shorthair population fell, and the breed was brought to the brink of extinction. The population continued to fall throughout the second World War, but luckily, the end of the war brought relief. After the war, the British Shorthair was bred with French Chartreux, Russian Blues, and Persians. This cross-breeding was enough to save the British Shorthair.

Formal Recognition of the Chinchilla British Shorthair

Despite the breed’s long and rich history, the British Shorthair wasn’t recognized until recently. The breed was first officially recognized in 1967 by the American Cat Association. Today, it has also been recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, Fédération Internationale Féline, and the International Cat Association.

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Top 5 Unique Facts About the Chinchilla British Shorthair

1. A British Shorthair Used to Hold the World Record for Loudest Purr

In 2011, Smokey, a British Shorthair, set the world record for the loudest purr. Smokey’s purr registered at an incredible 67.7 decibels, which is almost as loud as a lawnmower. Smokey held this record for the rest of his life, but it was broken in 2015 when a cat managed a purr of 67.8 decibels.

2. The British Shorthair is the Most Popular Breed of Cat in the United Kingdom

The British People love British Shorthairs. At least, according to the Governing Council of The Cat Fancy, who say that the British Shorthair is the most popular cat breed in the United Kingdom.

British cat chinchilla black on gold veiled with bright green eyes_OoksanaSusoeva_shutterstock
Image Credit By: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

3. The British Shorthair was the UK’s First Pedigreed Cat

Not only is it Britain’s favorite cat, but it was also the first to be pedigreed. The British Shorthair’s breeding standards were written in the late 1800s and were soon followed by the cat being pedigreed.

4. Alice in Wonderland’s The Cheshire Cat was Modeled After a British Shorthair

Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carrol, is one of the most famous stories ever written and features a British Shorthair. The Cheshire Cat is modeled specifically after a Tabby British Shorthair.

5. Puss and Boots Is a British Shorthair

Puss and Boots is a character from the Shrek franchise based on a character from an old fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Despite his Spanish accent and rouge-like attitude, he’s a British Shorthair.

cat paw dividerDoes the Chinchilla British Shorthair Make a Good Pet?

The British Shorthair is the perfect breed for someone who wants an easy-going, independent cat. It is a cat you don’t have to worry about, as their laid-back attitude means they gets along well with other animals, and their laziness keeps them from getting into too much trouble. They aren’t okay with everything; most hate being picked up, especially by those who aren’t very careful and gentle, such as children.

The British Shorthair gets along fine with people and seldom suffers from separation anxiety. So, if you need to leave for a few days, you don’t have to worry about your feline friend becoming lonely or destructive due.

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The Chinchilla British Shorthair cat is a stunning creature that any cat lover would be proud to give a forever home. The cat has a long and storied history. They appeared in literature and movies and was the UK’s first pedigreed cat. This breed also makes an excellent pet for anyone looking for a laid-back cat. Unlike most breeds, the Chinchilla British Shorthair’s laziness stops them from getting in trouble most of the time.


Featured Image Credit: yarm_sasha, Shutterstock

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