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Catwoman & 11 Other Cat-Inspired Superheroes (With Pictures)

Written by: Lorre Luther

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

woman in a cat superhero costume

Catwoman & 11 Other Cat-Inspired Superheroes (With Pictures)

Cats are elegant, athletic, muscular, and agile and have sensory abilities that far outclass those possessed by humans. Cats may be the perfect beings to turn to when looking for superhero inspiration.

They have lightning-fast reflexes and can do amazing things like reach high perches with power and grace, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of superheroes with cat-like powers, senses, and abilities. Keep reading to learn more about Catwoman and 11 other cat-inspired superheroes.

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How Are Superheroes Classified?

The superheroes on our list come from a variety of universes, but many have been solidly entrenched in earth-bound popular culture for years. Most debuted in comic books, and several have gone on to have starring roles in movies and video games. Superheroes inspired by cats frequently have similar skills and are gifted with powers such as cat-like agility and senses.

The 12 Cat-Inspired Superheroes

1. Catwoman

Catwoman Film
Image Credit: Property of Wikipedia. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Selina Kyle
First Appearance: 1940

Catwoman, whose real name is Selina Kyle, first appeared in a 1940s Batman comic. In some storylines, she’s Batman’s enemy, but in others, the two join forces. She’s often depicted as Batman’s love interest.

Catwoman is a fantastic athlete who can pull off superhuman acrobatic moves. She also has super speed, balance, and agility and can sneak up on people like a cat. She has a special bond with cats of all breeds.

2. Catman

Image Credit: Property of Batman Fandom. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Thomas Blake
First Appearance: 1963

Catman is a DC Comics character who debuted in the 1960s as one of Batman’s enemies. He was once Thomas Blake, a jungle cat trapper who grew tired of his day job and became a burglar.

Catman is incredibly athletic and can engage in hand-to-hand combat with the best. His mode of transportation (in the early days) was a Catmobile.

3. Wildcat

Image Credit: Property of DC Database. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Theodore Grant
First Appearance: 1942

Wildcat is a master fighter who was instrumental in sharpening Catwoman’s street-fighting skills. Theodore Grant was a boxer who ended up on the run after being accused of causing the death of his mentor.

Grant decides to clear his name and creates a large black cat costume to hide his identity. After dealing with the men who caused his mentor’s death, Wildcat decides to continue fighting crime. His mode of transportation is the Cat-o-Cycle.

4. Wildcat II

Image Credit: Property of DC Database. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Thomas Bronson
First Appearance: 2007

Wildcat II was born Tom Bronson. Ted Grant (the original Wildcat) was his father. Bronson is a metahuman who possesses superhuman abilities. He can become a werecat, which kind of looks like a black panther.

Wildcat II has super senses, speed, and strength. He also has teeth, claws, and a tail that can grip objects.

5. Cheetah

Image Credit: Property of Complex. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
First Appearance: 1987

Cheetah first appeared in the 1980s. She’s a human/cheetah with retractable claws, superhuman speed, strength, and senses who has taken on Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Cheetah started life as Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist who was transformed into Cheetah after a ritual involving a plant god.

6. Bronze Tiger

Bronze Tiger
Image Credit: Property of DC Database. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Benjamin Turner
First Appearance: 1975

Bronze Tiger debuted in a Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter comic in the 1970s. He and Batman have had several showdowns over the years. Bronze Tiger is a master martial artist who can go head-to-head with the best.

His fighting prowess stems from his childhood, and he began studying martial arts after an incident in which his parents were attacked.

7. Puma

Puma superhero
Image Credit: Property of Ultima Wiki. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Thomas Firehart
First Appearance: 1984

Puma first appeared in an Amazing Spider-Man storyline in the 1980s. His real name is Thomas Fireheart. Fireheart can morph into Puma, who is half-human and half-mountain lion, by engaging his powers of concentration.

Puma has superhuman intelligence, strength, speed, and senses, as well as sharp claws and fangs. He also has superhuman reflexes and agility. Puma has a scar on his face and red eyes.

8. Black Cat

Black cat superhero
Image Credit: Property of Marvel Database. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Felicia Sara Hardy
First Appearance: 1979

Black Cat’s real name is Felicia Sara Hardy, and she appears in various Spider-Man plotlines. Although she and Spider-Man were initially foes, they eventually start working together and become romantically involved.

Black Cat has the power of tychokinesis, which can send bad luck to people by altering probability fields. She wears a suit that provides enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

9. Black Panther

Black Panther
Image Credit: Property of Marvel Database. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: T’Challa
First Appearance: 1966

Black Panther first appeared in the 1960s in a Fantastic Four storyline. He was born T’Challa, prince of Wakanda, which is an African nation that’s the only source of a precious natural resource.

T’Challa was granted superpowers by the Heart-Shaped Herb and the Goddess Bast. He has enhanced vision, hearing, and scent detection abilities, as well as genius-level intelligence and a photographic memory. Chadwick Boseman played the character in the popular Black Panther movie in 2018, which was nominated for several Academy Awards.

10. Tigra

Image Credit: Peakpx
Name: Greer Grant Nelson
First Appearance: 1972

Tigra is a mutant with superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and agility. She also has cat-like senses, claws, and fangs. She protects the Cat People, who are were-cats descended from housecats.

Tigra was known as Greer Nelson before her transformation, and she fought crime as The Cat before becoming Tigra. She has a cat’s head amulet that facilitates her transformation.

11. Hellcat

Image Credit: Property of Superhero Wiki. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
Name: Patricia Walker
First Appearance: 1944

Hellcat is a human mutant who is also known as Patricia Walker. The character appears in several Marvel Comics storylines. Hellcat’s first suit was the one Greer Nelson wore during her stint as The Cat.

Hellcat is an expert fighter with superhuman powers of strength, stamina, and speed. At one point, Patsy owned a car called the Hellcatmobile.

12. Sabretooth

Image Credit: Peakpx
Name: Victor Creed
First Appearance: 1977

Sabertooth, also known as Victor Creed, is a mutant who wreaks havoc in the Marvel Comics world. He has a particularly nasty relationship with Wolverine. Sabertooth’s mutations make him largely invulnerable to poisons, diseases, and drugs.

He also has superhuman sight, hearing, and smell, as well as fangs and claws on his fingers and toes. Sabertooth is a skilled tracker and a wiz when it comes to guns. He has a cat-like leap that’s swift, silent, and powerful.

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When you see your cat leaping over the furniture or quickly climbing to the top of the cat tree, you realize they’re not like other pets. Cat-inspired superheroes have long been popular characters in several genres, including comic books and movies, and there are plenty of places to turn if you’re looking for a bit of cat-inspired superhero action.

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