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13 Best Places to Buy Cat Food in Bulk in 2024

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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13 Best Places to Buy Cat Food in Bulk in 2024

Whether you’re a retail store looking to stock a pet food area or an animal shelter with a lot of hungry mouths to feed every day, buying cat food by the pallet is not only convenient but can offer considerable cost savings. You can find companies that sell end-of-line, stock clearances, or simply sell in bulk to offer savings. Below is a list of 13 wholesalers and other suppliers that sell cat food in bulk.3 cat divider

The 13 Best Places to Buy Cat Food in Bulk

1. AlphaDogFood AlphaDogFood

AlphaDogFood manufactures and sells its range of pet foods. While they primarily deal with dog food, as the name suggests, they do have a line of cat food. You can buy in bulk, which helps reduce the cost, and the company claims to make high-quality and nutritional pet food, making it our top pick for the best places to buy cat food in bulk. Although the site is aimed primarily at pet enthusiasts who are looking to save money through a pet food subscription, they also sell to the trade.

2. King Wholesale Pet Supplies King Wholesale Pet Supplies

King Wholesale Pet Supplies started out as a mail-order catalog, offering wholesale prices to groomers and other pet professionals. It now offers bulk and wholesale discounts to organizations including pet hospitals, retail stores, grooming salons, and potentially your business. As well as their website, the company still offers a mail-order service and their catalog is nearly 200 pages long.

3. StedCal Exports StedCal Exports

StedCal Exports stocks and sells a massive range of wholesale products. This includes pet food and you will find a good selection of cat foods, including dry kibble and wet food. The company claims that its customers can enjoy savings of between 10% and 45% and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free sourcing for their stock.

4. CloseOutPetCloseOutPet

CloseOutPet is based in Michigan and sells pet food that is out of date or that has a close date. They sell new items, not those that have been pulled from shelves, which means that items are unused and undamaged. They have a selection of food, treats, and accessories. Their range includes cat food, as well as dog food and more.

5. DirectLiquidation DirectLiquidation

Direct Liquidation is an online liquidator. Unlike most liquidators, though, they offer access to tier-1 brands, and although you can buy cat food by the pallet, you can opt for lesser bulk sizes. Direct Liquidation is an auction site and you will need to register before you bid but doing so could land you a considerable saving on your bulk cat food order.

6. Lewisco Holdings lewisco

Lewisco Holdings is another liquidator. This time, the company specializes in the sourcing and distribution of food and beverage products, including pet foods. Products vary from kibble and dehydrated food to organic pet food and treats.

7. is a liquidity services marketplace. They have more than 500 product categories, which include cat food and other pet supplies. Available products do change, and you do need to bid because this is a liquidation auction-style service, but you can pick up some low-price bargains.

8. Alibaba Alibaba

Alibaba is an e-commerce company. Most products on the site have a minimum order, and in the case of cat food, this means that you will need to buy a minimum of 500 bags. This also means that you can access some great savings, and because Alibaba is a Chinese company, it means that you can find some unique products that are otherwise unavailable in the US.

9. Marco Polo Intercontinental

Marco Polo Intercontinental logo

Marco Polo Intercontinental is a UK-based company, but it ships internationally, so if you have customers that prefer UK lines, this can be a great way to stock your shelves while paying reduced rates. Their stock is made up of recognized UK brand names.

10. DollarDaysDollarDays

DollarDays specifically offers its services to non-profits, so if you run a cat shelter or other non-profit, they could have the items you need to feed your cats, and they will have items that you can sell to make some extra donations. Available products do change regularly, so you will have to check back frequently to get the best deals on cat food.

11. AllStars Wholesale AllStars Wholesale

AllStars Wholesale has a wide range of products available, including cat food and other pet supplies. You can buy by the pallet load or even the truckload, and their service is only available to businesses because they will not deliver to residential properties. The pallets are really cheap, but while you can see photos of what’s included, you won’t know the exact inventory until the pallet arrives and you can write up your own list.

12. Bullseye Wholesale Bullseye Wholesale

Bullseye Wholesale is a wholesale supplier, and they have regularly updated deals and offers. As a buyer, you can subscribe to receive updates when new cat food and pet supplies are added, which enables you to buy the items you want.

13. Bargain Wholesale Bargain Wholesale

Bargain Wholesale bills itself as being a supplier of wholesale goods for dollar stores, convenience stores, and mini-marts. They have a good selection of pet foods and cat foods, although they do have a minimum order value to ensure that you’re a business and meet their order requirements.

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Buying Cat Food in Bulk

Buying cat food by the pallet means generous savings compared to buying individually. It is also more convenient and, if you own a shop or a non-profit shelter, buying by the pallet will be essential to ensure that you have the stock you need. Check out the companies above to find your next wholesale cat food supplier.

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