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An Important Day Tomorrow

February 26th 2015 10:42 am
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Purrs to my dear friends~
I have not been around since last week and I've missed some birthdays and RB days so please forgive me for that.

My mom has been busy getting things done around the house because tomorrow she is having eye surgery. Momma has been blind in her right eye since birth. She was born 3 months too early, and weighed barely over two pounds, the same size I was when she adopted me! Doctors trying to keep her alive unintentionally blinded her, causing scar tissue to form blocking her vision in one eye. Her eye doctor for the past 35 years is retiring soon and he wanted to try and remove as much of the scar tissue as possible, which is now something more modern procedures will allow. Momma's wonderful sister is going to pay for this. It is not known how much she will see and she's kinda scared. I asked her if she is able to see me with both eyes will she love me twice as much? She said "absolutely baby girl!" purrrrrrrr

I'll write more soon.
Love & hugs to everypaw~


Valentine's Day Thanks To Everyone

February 20th 2015 5:06 pm
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We posted this in our TWB family diary but I got to thinking maybe not everypaw reads that one as it is new, so I am putting it here too.

Thanks from my heart for our families wonderful Valentines Gifts

The family of Zoey, Opie, Elmer, Muffy, Boo-Boo & Oliver

The family of Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom, Whitetail, Spunky & Chester

The Family of Mea, Mikki, Miko, Milo, Mimu, Maui, Mokka, Molokai & Makana

The family of Cole, Kayleigh, Kassidy, Maytag, Major (Monkey) & Kimber

The family of Sony Bono, Presley & Paris

The family of Tony, Anna, Grey, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo, Ashe & Bagherra

The family of Big Harry, Patches, Lumi, Silvio, Tabatha, Jameson, Lucy (boy), Zeus, Max, Spicey & Edgar

The family of Norman, Guy Guy, Baby Girl, Sonny Sunshine, Little Miss, Chumley & Megan


Kally Kat

...and special thanks from me for the smooch from darling Beepers, the rose from my dear Ethan, the candy hearts from my sweet friend Mugsy, and a kiss from Sir Sonny Bono. Also my stand-in Valentine's dates were Fluffy and Alex, thank you handsome friends. PJ, you are sooo in the dog house for forgetting Valentine's Day! MOL!

Love & kitty kisses,


More Mews...Maybe Baby?

February 4th 2015 10:40 am
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This was not the mews we were expecting, but someone might have been.
Am I being mysterious? Let me explain.

There are five ferals in this neighborhood that mom & dad have not been able to catch and fix. There used to be lots more. One of my TWB sisters (Toffee) who is not on Catster yet but soon will be, was one of them. She is a medium-haired dark tortie and very cute. Toffee lives inside with us. Her feral momcat had another litter last year and all were caught and homed except one really wild one that looked almost like Toffee. This one still runs from any human. They called her Tootsie Roll. Recently we couldn't tell if Tootsie was just very fluffy or preggers. This morning mom was picking up our food platters to wash, when she heard a cat crying loudly outside. As she investigated, thinking it was our Toffee (she thought she recognized the meow) and maybe Tofee had gotten out, but when she looked out she saw Tootsie Roll instead, who immediately hushed and took off. So mom went back in to start letting us visit our Catster pals. Meow, meow MEOW again. Mom got up and went outside. Tootsie Roll was hollering up a storm and then mom followed her to a hidey hole under the deck. She listened for tiny kitten mews, but it was quiet. So now we have to wait for daddy to come home tonight and check with his flashlight. At least it's pretty warm, nearly 58.
sigh...well I'll tell you tomorrow.

Love & hugs,


Growing Old Together

January 31st 2015 5:15 am
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Yesterday mom was cleaning litter pans and I was perched on a shelf above, supervising. You'd think after all these years the staff would be well trained but I still monitor their work. Each time mom raised up I would purr and mom would say "I love you Hannah." I'd give her a nudge with my head to say "I love you too." Mom looked at me and said "Hannah, you're starting to look old sweetie." I politely reminded her that so was she. Mom, your hair is getting almost as gray as I am! When she's in the sun there are still glints of the strawberry blonde it once was. Funny how humans hair changes colors. I don't think many cats do, do they? Maybe Siamese, they often are born almost white. Doggies get gray on their muzzles and face.
Momma made daddy promise that when her time comes to cross the human's version of the Rainbow Bridge, that he would add her ashes to the big ceramic urn where the ashes of my angel brothers and sisters are kept. I was thinking that when we all meet her at the Bridge, it might look like a stampede, giggle. I don't mind if momma gets old, just so long as she can still hold me, hold me, hold me. Purrrrrr

Love and hugs,



January 21st 2015 5:57 am
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I was listening to momma and dad talking and they were talking about "needing cat scat". HUH? Did I hear that right? There's plenty in the litter boxes! Oh, not scat...scan. Cat scan? Can we help with that too? I'll be first!
*Hannah jumps into her mom's lap*
Remember when momma fell and broke some toes before Christmas? Well, she did it again a few days ago, this time it was a rib. The people vet thinks there is something wrong with her brain. Well DUH of course there is, look at how many cats live here. NOBODY in their right mind would do that. Anyway something is making momma not have any balance. Daddy just started a new job so they are waiting for insurance coverage. Momma is having to move around slowly and use a cane so all the chores are taking much longer to do, especially with daddy gone all the time now. That is a furry long explanation into why I've been late to all the birthday parties and slow to answer pawmail. But we're still here and not going anywhere. I love you all to pieces.

Hugs & kisses,


Computer Problems

December 26th 2014 11:04 am
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Oh My Cat!
We have been hissing at our computer the last several days. It starting acting weird a few days before Christmas and then would not work at all. We missed sending out rosettes to our dearest friends. GRRRR Daddy said it turned out to be something called "Mal Wear". I'm not sure what that is exactly, but momma said it's not the funny clothes you got from your Aunt for Christmas.

Also my typist has been off the job. She tripped over my brother trying not to step on him and fell down and broke 3 toes. I said "what's the problem mom, you don't type with your back paws do you?". That's when mom growled.
Apparently humans aren't as tough as us cats.

Anyway, the computer seems to be working okay for now, so we'll s-l-o-w-l-y be by with greetings and thanks.

THANK YOU everypaw for the forest of trees and the Dreidels rocking around the Christmas trees (giggle) plus all the other lovely rosettes and gifts everyone sent. You made it a very special holiday for us all.

Hugs and Purrs,


A Christmas Sing-a-Long

December 19th 2014 5:20 pm
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Since this is our first Catster Christmas in a few years to share with you, I decided to meow a song, well... part of a song. Will you sing with me?

Sing to the tune of "These are a few of my favorite things"

♪ Cocoa and candy
and warm winter wishes ♪

♪ Garlands and sleigh bells
and hearths all aglow ♪

♫ Catster is decked out in glitter and glee,
So many beautiful pages to see ♫

♪ Snowmen and reindeer
and Santa's on choppers ♪

♪ Snow covered forests
and stockings of crimson ♪

♫ These are just some of the wonders to see
Don't you just love all the scenery ♫

♪ Pink sparkle fir trees
and soft golden mangers ♪

♪ Gingerbread families
and cookies are baking ♪

♫ All of the colors of Christmas are here
Don't you just love this time of the year ♫

♪ Boxes with ribbons
and wreaths on the doors ♪

♪ Snowflakes are falling
and postmen are ringing ♪

♫ Bringing good tidings to you and to me
This is the season to love and Believe

Wishing all our Catster friends a joyful and blessed Christmas

Love to all~
Hannah & family

(P.S. Picture momma sitting on her step-stool, scooping all the litter pans and singing to us as I dictated my song.) MOL!


Riley's Bridge Day

December 7th 2014 8:33 pm
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Today was the 5th anniversary of my brother Riley's journey to the Bridge. Dad found some pictures in an old camera and we added some to his page and one to mine. I sure miss my brother, he was so sweet to all of us.

Love & kisses,


New Picture--New Story

December 5th 2014 7:18 pm
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Only a few meows tonight so I won't keep anyfur up late~

We spent some time updating our family page The Texas Wild Bunch. Momma has been needing to revise the story for awhile so if you have time, will you read it and let us know if there is anything she should add?

Also nobody and I mean NOBODY better comment on my wide bottom in the new main picture!
I'm 11 years old now and entitled to a little "middle-aged-spread". MOL!

Have a wonderful weekend~

Goodnight kisses,


Thank Mews!

November 29th 2014 7:16 pm
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*Hannah climbs out from under a pile of yarn balls*

Wasn't that nice of Catster to let us have all those yarn balls to play with? Thanks to all our friends who sent them and other gifties to our pages. You made this Thanksgiving very special for me and my family.

Now I'm going to go beg for some turkey scraps, giggle.

Love you ALL!

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