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There is now a mobile pet vet that will eliminate the struggle of trying to bring your cat to the vet.

MVS Pet Care is a Mobile Pet Vet That Brings Vet Appointments to You

Do you have a hard time getting your cat to the vet? Meet MVS Pet Care, a mobile pet vet that brings professional house-call veterinarians to work with your cat on his own turf.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Jul 13th 2018

We all know how much cats hate going to the vet. And, sadly, too many cat owners don’t take their pet to the vet, with one of the reasons cited that the cats are just too hard to transport. With MVS Pet Care, a national franchise network of professional house-call veterinarians, that’s not a problem anymore.

What are the benefits of mobile vet care?

MVS Pet Care is capable of conducting full annual appointments for your cat.

MVS Pet Care is capable of conducting full annual appointments for your cat. Photography courtesy MVS Pet Care.

“Many cats truly dislike being put into a carrier to be driven across town to the vet’s office only to sit in a noisy waiting room surrounded by noisy dogs,” says Dr. Jeremy Gransky, DVM, partner and consulting veterinarian to MVS Pet Care, “and house-call services eliminate this altogether. Our services also manage each cat’s medical care in an effective and comprehensive way within the home, making each visit more personal and comfortable for the pet and pet owner.”

I asked Dr. Gransky to describe how the in-home experience would be different for cats rather than going to the vet. “For the most nervous cats, we generally work with them in a small room or bathroom in a way that keeps the appointment as much on the kitty’s own terms as possible,” he says. “Another benefit is the amount of time the cat is being worked with is greatly reduced as compared with a traditional trip to the animal hospital or vet office.”

What can they do to help my cat?

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what kind of services MVS Pet Care provides, because I surely want to know. “We can conduct full annual appointments at home including physical examinations, weight checks and any vaccinations or routine tests,” Dr. Gransky tells me. “We can also collect blood and urine samples for diagnostic testing, check blood pressure and administer treatments at home.”

Dr. Gransky shares that they almost daily meet cat owners whose pets have not had a good experience in the past at the vet and felt their cats could never have a positive veterinary experience. “They are often shocked and very pleased by how easy our services are for the cat and that the experience takes place in the comfort of their home.”

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Thumbnail: Photography courtesy MVS Pet Care. 

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