5 Completely Cute Cat Home Accessories (Because Every Home Needs MORE CATS)


It’s easy for a home to get overrun with cat collectibles — I myself had to put a cap on my cat tchotchke collection because it was starting to get out of hand. These days, I limit my cat purchases to items that I absolutely can’t live without.

Recently, though, I’ve been coming across some incredibly cool cat-inspired home accessories that take kitty decor to a whole new level. These bold, eye-catching pieces are attractive, functional, and add a much needed bit of feline flair to any home. From pillows and lamps to a room divider featuring the largest kittens you’ve ever seen, here are five ideas for kicking the kitty quotient in your home up a notch.

1. Big Eyes Reversible Cat Pillow

Black cats are my jam (I happen to be blessed by the company of two of them), so I am always drawn to black kitty related items, especially when they are as darn cute as these reversible pillows by Naked Decor.

In my house, there’s a small couch in front of a window that both kitties love to perch on, and I’m sure they’d rejoice in hopping on to these darling cushions before checking out the backyard scene. The pillows are hand-silkscreened with a curious kitty design, and come with a reversible pillow cover so you can easily create a fresh look just by flipping it over. In the battle between choosing white or charcoal gray, I don’t think it would really matter which side I chose, because the entire pillow would end up covered in black cat hair anyway — just part of the fun of being a cat owner!

2. Plum & Bow Cat Curiosity Shelf

Urban Outfitters recently put this ridiculously adorable feline shelf up for pre-sale on their site, and I have been smitten ever since. What better place to store my kitty-related knickknacks than on a shelf shaped like a cat??

The piece is constructed out of a metal frame with wooden shelves, and comes in black, pink, and mint (as shown), so there’s a shade to match any color scheme. I have a habit of leaving my jewelry everywhere, and would love this kitty wall hanging to help organize all of my accessories, so I’d never have to hunt for a pair of earrings or a jar of nail polish again!

3. Six-Foot Tall Double-Sided Kittens Room Divider

When I mentioned “bold” home accessories before, I wasn’t kidding. Even if I wouldn’t necessarily display this larger than life kitten screen it in my own home, I had to include it in my list because I’m sure there’s some kitty loving households out there where this wood and printed canvas divider would be a perfect fit.

The huge six-foot screen is enough to give anyone a one way ticket to cute-habilitation. The intensely adorable design features towering tabby kittens peeking out of flower pots, intended to provide maximum levels of cute overload. Whether you’re splitting a room in half or just giving your kitties some extra privacy when using the litter box, this is one cat-tastic design that refuses to stay in the bag.

4. Show Jumping Cat Wall Hook

I love quirky little home accessories like kitty-shaped candles and drawer knobs, but this feline-inspired hook takes the cake when it comes to unusual home goods. Imagine coming home from a long day of work and hanging your hat on a kitty head or looping your keys around its little paw.

The three-piece ceramic wall hook set, featuring a “white cat frozen in mid-pounce,” is described as being ideal for hanging scarves, necklaces, and even keys, and doubles as three-dimensional art when unadorned. Pair it with the kitty shelf for the ultimate home feline organization system.

5. Plum & Bow Cat Lamp

Sure a kitty lampshade would be cool, but why stop there when you can get a whole lamp shaped like a cat? Talk about a feline conversation piece — even your non-cat loving friends would have to admit it was cool (even if they still thought it was kinda crazy).

This unique glowing kitty will (literally) brighten any room, and makes for a pretty porcelain cat sculpture when it’s not in use. I’ll admit that I’ve had my eye on this illuminating piece for awhile, but only wish it also came in black!

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