Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to Cat Moms everywhere! This weekend I’ve had the pleasure of selecting a winning entry from the 200+ entries in The Cat’s Meow’s “Best Cat Mom” Contest. Actually, I don’t know if “pleasure” is the correct descriptor: it was bloody difficult picking a winner because every single one, truly, was a winner.

Some entries were funny, some were heartwrenching, but the common theme was unconditional love between cat and cat lady. I loved them all. My pile of finalists was growing taller and I felt an anxiety attack perched on my shoulder: how to choose?

When suddenly, among the last of the entries was one that sweetly and succinctly defined the essence of Cat Momhood:

When I first saw this contest, I wanted to nominate my Momma for all the love and care she gave me over the years, especially after I was diagnosed with cancer. I knew our entry would definitely have pathos if I recounted all the sacrifices Momma made for me whether it was living off of cereal, pasta, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches at times so she could pay for my vet bills, or driving home on her lunch hour everyday, 20 minutes each way, just to give me my medicine. She made the biggest sacrifice of all when I got too sick to fight any longer – she told me how much I was loved and held me close to her heart while the vet gave me a peaceful crossing.

I could also add something original to my entry by describing how Momma came to rescue Jack from a shelter (either a series of coincidences or the work of angels – you can read Jack’s early diary entries and decide for yourself). As for humor, well, Jack’s very first night home he piddled smack dab in the middle of Momma’s bed – while Momma was sleeping in it! *giggles* He was such a little terror those first few weeks, and some humans might have sent him right back to the shelter, but Momma would never do that to one of her furkids. Momma loves us all and accepts us for who we are — a mother’s love is unconditional.

That got me to thinking about what makes a great Cat Mom. Morgan the Pirate Gato has a great Cat Mom. She helps rescue both cats and dogs and she makes and sells pawsome beds to help pay for Morgan’s medical expenses. Christopher has a great Cat Mom who took him in even though he is blind. She also takes in older cats or cats who have terminal illness. She makes sure their last days are spent knowing what it is to be loved.

Aldo & Tess and their doggie sister Noelle were loved by their mother Laurel until the day she died – almost one year ago now. When these three were orphaned, wonderful Cat Moms and Dog Moms (and probably a few Dads) from around the world came to their rescue. Some Cat Moms donated money, some gave their time to help in the search and rescue, some were foster Moms, and so many more prayed for Laurel’s family. Noelle was adopted by Simon’s Meowmy and Aldo was adopted by O’Malley’s Meowmy. Tess’ fate is still uncertain, but we hope that wherever she is, she is safe and loved.

Of course, the rescue of Aldo and Noelle was coordinated by the beautiful Hazel Lucy and her Mom. Their caring is endless. They would give the shirt off their back – or the hat off their head – to help someone in need. They maintain The Get Well Purr List and make trankie blankies to donate to shelter kitties. With their kind and generous spirits, Hazel Lucy and her Mom remind us that “mother” isn’t just a noun; it’s also a verb.

So who is the Best Cat Mom? My Momma, and your Meowmy, and her Mom, and his Mummy, and all of the Cat Moms out there giving their furkids unconditional love. Happy Mother’s Day.

Written by Rufus, it is the winner of The Cat’s Meow’s first annual Best Cat Mom contest. But as Rufus says, you’re all Best Cat Moms … and here’s a badge that every entrant can post on your blog or Catster profile to let the world know that your mom is the best!

Rufus wins 50 zealies, a pink Skeezix cap and a Catster t-shirt. The rest of you will have to settle for your mom’s unconditional love and the badge.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry. You should really set some time aside to read them all — with your favorite feline in your lap.

[PHOTO CREDITS: Jillian Grace & Jasper]

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