To Spay or Not to Spay — This Should NOT Be a Dilemma!


Once upon a time I was a five-month-old kitten and I used to visit every single pet shop in my town looking fur good fashion. One day we stumbled upon a store that had a super handsome white Purrsian with the most amazing golden eyes! His momma saw my MEGAULTRASUPERCUTE face and told my momma OMG please tell me she is “complete.” My momma asked what do you mean by “complete,” and she said, well, she is not fixed, right? Anyway, a few seconds later this guy was trying to climb my momma! Holy Kittens I started shaking soo much! We immediately left the place FUR never return.

I remember that after that we went to my grandmas’ boutique and I started acting weird … I was bumping into things, I felt like ITCHY, I need it to rub my body against EVERYTHING! So I finally understand that woman. I was COMPLETE-LY horny! EveryPAWdy was telling my momma that I should have babies at least once. My momma said, “No! There are so many homeless kitties out there.” Let’s face it was super HARD to decide not to try to replicate THIS FACE!

Here are five reasons fur not get pregnant:

1. Keep your kitten figure

Seriously have you seen the post-partum tatas and belly?? Scary! Not to mention your vajayjay — NOTHING will be the same BELIEVE me!

2. Avoid diseases

To get spay reduces the risk of certain cancers if you have her spayed before the FURst heat and certainly beFURe she has a litter. Also a lot of un-spayed furchilds get an infection of the uterus, which can be a life-threatening disease!! I say NO thank you!

3. Live responsibility free

Let’s say you get pregnant, what are you going to do? It’s most likely that the father run away, you are living with your PAWrents, you don’t even have a job! Where are your furkids going to end up? The kill shelter?? FUR God sake be responsible!

4. Have admirers not baby daddies

With this I mean don’t be slutty! I know girls who have babies from different daddies in the same litter! Come on! Have some self respect FUR God Sake! Seriously you need to be sadomasochist fur want to mate, guys have spines which point backwards in their “peepee”!! The spines rake the walls of your VAJAYJAY … just BARBARIC!

5. Live longer and happier

Going into heat SUCKS big time, you cry like Mary Magdalene fur days and days. Your roll in the floor with desperation, PLUS even our appetite suffers. After getting fixed you can FOCUS on the impurrtant things on life: eating, napping, and shopping!

I want to share you my spay journey video, you don’t have to be afraid! Let your momma do the research and find the best vet in town fur take care of you.

Being super serious, summer is kitten season and it breaks my heart to see all those pretty faces looking fur home! When we all know most of them won’t — that’s the sad truth. Fur all the boys out there, believe me you won’t loose your manhood. Your temper will change fur good, making you nicer, you won’t feel like peeing all over the house like a drunk or want to run away like a crack addict! Not to mention all the health benefits that will come from spaying.

Have a great weekend my LunAddicts! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and don’t furget to furriend me here on Catster. Last but not least take a look at the Purrsians in need in your area and fall in love today!

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