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Exotic Shorthair

Life with an Exotic Shorthair is characterized by calmness and quiet admiration.

catedit  |  Jan 1st 1970

Commonly nicknamed the “Lazy Man’s Persian,” the Exotic draws fans with its teddy bear facial expression, cobby-shaped body, large, wide-set round eyes and small ears. Its tail is short and often carried without a curve.

The shorthaired coat comes in a variety of colors with the most popular being red tabby, brown tabby and bi-color. It is dense and plush.

Females weigh between 8 to 10 and males average between 10 and 12 pounds.


  • A shorthair version of the popular Persian
  • Very quiet except for making soft squeaky sounds
  • Calm and mellow
  • Never overbearing or over-demanding
  • Loves to lounge on laps

Ideal Human Companion

  • Quiet individuals
  • Apartment dwellers
  • First-time cat owners

What They Are Like to Live With

Life with an Exotic Shorthair is characterized by calmness and quiet admiration. This breed is not pushy or demanding, but rather gentle and loving. It craves napping on laps or perching on shoulders of its favorite people.

The Exotic makes an ideal cat breed choice for apartment life, but like many pets, does not like being left home alone for long hours on end. Their coats are easy to maintain through weekly brushing and they tend not to tangle or become matted.

The Exotic retains its moderate level of playfulness well into its adulthood.

Things You Should Know

Its flat-face is prone to tear staining and requires being kept clean by using a dampened cloth.

Males tend to display more affection that females.

Exotic Shorthair History

Oops. That’s the best word to describe how the Exotic Shorthair breed originated. In the early 1960s, breeders crossed Persians with American Shorthairs to create the look of a Persian, but without the high-maintenance of its longhaired coat.

The first coat color was silver, tempting this breed’s creators to want to call it Sterling, but the term, Exotic was chosen instead.

The Exotic ranks third in popularity by the Cat Fanciers Association and is accepted for championship status by every major cat breed registries.