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Why Is My Cat Is Sitting Like a Person? Is That Normal?

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Scottish fold cat sitting like a human

Why Is My Cat Is Sitting Like a Person? Is That Normal?


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Most cat owners can agree that there’s never a dull moment in a feline household. No matter your cat’s personality, they’re always up to their own brand of mischief or mayhem. Plus, they spend a lot of their time performing actions we think are hilarious.

While your cat probably does several things that give you the giggles, you might’ve snapped a couple of pictures of them sitting like a human. What makes a cat do this? We’re going to talk about this mannerism and what might be provoking it.

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So, Your Cat Sits Like a Person

You might not think it’s normal for your cat to sit like a human, but they might disagree. So, here are a few potential reasons your cat loves the upright position.

1. Your Cat Might Be Mimicking You

cat sitting
Image by: Kirgiz03 , Pixabay

Your cat may just be doing what they see being done. This monkey-see monkey-do attitude creates certain behaviors that are direct recounting from you. We can’t be sure this is the real reason, but it’s certainly possible.

Just like our cats can sense our emotions, follow verbal or sign cues, and learn their names, they can also pick up on mannerisms. Humans sit up all the time. They see it as convenient for a few reasons. They repeat the action—it’s really that simple.

But don’t get too inflated—it may just as well have nothing to do with you. Let’s read more reasons.

2. Your Cat Is Grooming

If you were as flexible as a cat, you must admit that this would be a pretty good grooming position. Your cat might be sitting upright to get some spinal leverage to reach their belly. It might look hilarious, but the method is likely working for them.

No dingleberries today! Your cat can surely reach their private parts, taking care of their hygiene while leisurely licking while sitting up.

3. Your Cat Is Showing Trust

A fat cat sitting on the table
Image by: Сергей Корчанов, Pixabay

The belly is a very vulnerable part to show because it is the soft spot where all of your vital organs lie. For your cat, it’s the same.

If your cat is showing off their belly, it’s a surefire sign that they trust the people they’re around at that present time. Even if your cat is simply sitting up this way because it feels good to them, they would only show its belly if they did not feel a threat in any way.

4. Your Cat Is Too Toasty

Your cat might be getting a little too hot. Since cats don’t sweat like people do, they have to do things a little differently to regulate their body heat.

Sitting in an upright position like this allows their paws to rest off a floor surface so they can sweat through the glands in their feet as needed.

Cute cat sitting in bed
Image Credit: Nelson Agamata | Catster

Is This Normal?

Sitting up like a human can be very normal for some cats. This will depend on the cat itself, as all kitties have special quirks and personalities. Very rarely is this ever the sign of any serious problem. So if your kitty enjoys sitting this way, it’s not hurting them to do so.

Is it the best posture? Certainly not. But it likely isn’t a sign of a significant health issue. If you notice any accompanying changes in behavior, it’s definitely worth a call to your vet.



So now you know that cats can sit like humans for various reasons. Snap a few pictures whenever it happens to post to your latest Facebook story. Everyone can get a kick out of it, just like you do.

As we mentioned in the article, sitting like a human really isn’t a cue to signal an alarming health concern, but you should always speak to your veterinarian if you sense a problem.

Featured Image Credit: zossia, Shutterstock

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