What Are the Strangest Places Your Cat Has Climbed to?


Preparing to run some errands around town, I get into my SUV. As I look out of the windshield, I notice two lines of smudges. I look closer and see they are muddy cat prints. One set of prints goes from the bottom to the top, the other in the opposite direction — kitty paws pointing toward the roof, and kitty paws pointing down to the engine hood.

It has happened before, and I’m sure it will happen again. The roof of the SUV is a favorite spot for the cats. It’s a safe spot, it provides a great view, and it is the highest point they have access to in my garage. It seems, for a cat, the higher the location where they can sit, the better they like the location.

According to behavior expert Marilyn Krieger, there are a few reasons cats like to spend time perched on elevated areas. Hanging out on the different levels helps keep peace between two or more cats. From high up, they can observe who enters and leaves the room. Another reason cats enjoy their vertical territory is because they like to be at your level. Vertical territory allows cats to network with their favorite people eye-to-eye.

Some of my cats like to be at eye-level when receiving attention from me. My gray tabby, Ash, always jumps on the fence or backyard gate when he sees me. He will scratch and rub his head on the top of the fence while I pet him. When we finish our petting session I will lean forward, look him in the eyes, tell him how special he is, and he will purr and rub his head on my forehead. We call it a “cat kissy” when he lightly head-butts me at the end of a session.

We have eight cat beds, one for each kitty in our family. They’re located in one area with four on one wall and the other four on another wall. Some are at floor level, some are on tables, and the highest is on a large tool box shelf. The shelf seems to be a favorite of most the cats. Perhaps it is because it is the highest point where a bed lays. It could be because it is a heated unit.

More than likely, it’s a favorite because they know they won’t be disturbed — I rarely get into the tool box for anything. I am known to be “mechanically reclined” when it comes to fixing stuff around the house. I find it best to leave repairs to the professionals and stick with writing about critters.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cat tree, a shelf in a window, or the top of a kitchen cabinet. If it’s the highest point in your house, you will probably find a cat taking up residence there. Where does your cat like to sit? What are some of the odd spaces your cat has climbed into or onto?

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