How to Catch a Feral Kitten Or Two

Jun 14th 2012  |   12 Contributions

I'm on tour, so there's no song this week -- boo! -- but here's a video that shows you how to trap feral kittens in case you are so inclined.

Well, nobody asked me how to catch a kitten behind a dumpster, but I decided to get ahead of the query when the opportunity presented itself. The question must be burning on someone’s mind out there on the Internet!

Usually we catch our kittens with traps when there is time to plan for it. On this occasion, however, there was not. ShClean (aka the Ask A Cat Lady cameraman) found a gray kitten behind a warehouse and needed help catching the rest of the litter.

With my national tour around the corner, there was no time to play the Trap, Neuter, and Release Adventure game, which can take days to win. So we launched into rescue hero action!

These three kittens were taken to Mary, who I like to call the Foster Boss. There they will be cleaned up, domesticated, and (we hope) adopted out before I return from tour in July.


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