Ask a Cat Lady: Help, My Kitty Thinks Her Bowl Sucks!

Dec 2nd 2011  |   0 Contributions

Some cats are wild about drinking from the sink or bathtub. WTF is up with that? We asked our favorite singing cat lady, Sarah Donner.

The lyrics:

I Want Mah Drink to Flow
by Sarah Donner

I've got a bowl that sits on the floor
Full of water that's decent, but I want more
If you head to the counter and stand by the sink
Turn on the faucet, I'll take a drink

I want my drink to flow-oh-oh-oh

Back when my grandma was wild and free
She drank from a river that flowed to the sea
The family would gather at the water hole
Why would I want to drink from a bowl?

I want my drink to flow-oh-oh-oh

I'm a creature of habit, but I've got you trained
I like your attention when you sit by the drain
Put multiple dishes around the house
With ice cubes inside them, that might help
To get me off of the faucet and down on the ground
If you do all these things I could be water bowl bound

I want my drink to flow-oh-oh-oh
This place about to blow-oh-oh-oh

See Sarah's original Ask a Cat Lady post over here.


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