Sydney Dentist Never Owned a Cat; Left $3 Million to Stray Cats

 |  Nov 16th 2009  |   15 Contributions

She could fit the stereotypical profile of a crazy cat lady. 80-year-old Daina Silins never married, lived in a cluttered home, and would feed any stray cat she encountered. She left her entire $3 million dollar estate to three animal charities: The Cat Protection Society, the Animal Welfare League and the Domestic Animals Birth Control Society. But don't classify her as a Cat Lady: Ms Silins never owned a cat or dog.

In her cluttered home, there were dozens of books on cats and dogs. "At her dental surgery she would feed every stray cat that came along, no one would go hungry," former client Keith Clissold said yesterday. "She didn't have any family but everybody knew her."

Only a dozen people attended her funeral, but her legacy will live on as her bequests feed, shelter and save the lives of a multitude of pets in the next few years.



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