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Our Monday Miracle Is Cupid, the Orange Tabby Someone Shot with an Arrow

He was found wandering the streets of Houston, but he has recovered and has a new home.

 |  Oct 14th 2013  |   6 Contributions

Warning: There are a couple really graphic images in this post, so continue at your own discretion.

Okay, people, seriously? Who shoots a cat with an arrow? That's just like -- why? Why would anyone do that? What's the point? This isn't The Hunger Games.

I guess some questions will never be answered. All that matters is that, for whatever reason, someone shot Cupid the cat with an arrow. He was found wandering the streets of Houston with the arrow lodged in his body. Fortunately, the arrow missed all of Cupid's vital organs, so if whoever shot the arrow was trying to kill Cupid, the joke's on them -- Cupid lived. The arrow was removed from Cupid's back thanks to the efforts of Purr Paws Rescue Inc.

Poor Cupid! Photo via Purr Paws Rescue, Inc.

That doesn't look comfortable at all. Photo via Purr Paws Rescue, Inc.

Healing! Photo via Purr Paws Rescue, Inc.

Almost a year later, that whole ordeal is behind Cupid, and he lives in a wonderful forever home with two other cats. While the arrow was a pretty striking accessory, he looks much better and more comfortable without it. Looking at current photos of Cupid, it's really a miracle that the arrow failed to hit anything that might have left Cupid more damaged -- or worse, dead.

Cupid chilling with his cat friends.

Cupid, get off the counter! Okay, fine, you can stay there.

Goodnight, Cupid!

Living up to his name, Cupid has struck my heart with an arrow of cuteness. You can follow him on Facebook right here, which is where I got his photos. Check him out and give him a virtual scratch behind the ear for us.

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