Add Extra Security To Your Photos

 |  Aug 14th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Hi Everyone,

A couple months ago we had a annoying problem where non-members were misappropriating peoples’ photos and using them on other sites with dishonest intentions. Some people are used to the internet just being the internet and these things happen and other members asked us to make it harder for people to simply copy and paste photos.

So our engineer Leef added some nifty code so we could do just that. If you now go to your Accout Page you will now see a link to modify your public photo sharing preferences. If you do not want to share your photos with others you can use our security system to make it clear you do not want your photo used without your permission. From that point on all full size photos on public pages will indicate they cannot be used without your permission.

We hope this can give everyone paws of mind that their loved ones remain their loved ones! Let us know what you think and how it works for you!


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