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Dear Cat Lover, August 18, 2008
Catster Adoption and Rescue Resources

Catster Adoption and Rescue Resources

Adopting a cat is one of the greatest joys you will have in your life. Make sure you know all you can before adopting and if you have adopted before, please share your stories and advice.

Catster Adoption Center ››
Are You Ready to Adopt? ››
How Adoption Works ››
Check out local listings for shelters ››
Read about Aldo (pictured left) ››

Free Febreze Pet Pal Pack!

Cat Attract LitterHave you recently adopted a pet? Find out how to get a Febreze Pet Pal Pack and don't forget to give all your furry friends the free Febreze virtual gift available in our Gift Shop.
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Discover the Ultimate Litter

EverClean Premium Clumping Cat LitterEverClean® Premium Clumping Cat Litter comes in an Extra Strength formula for maximum clumping power and unscented for cats (and people) sensitive to scent.
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Adoption Success Story

Catster Adoption StoryRed Dog (yes, his name is Red cute is that?!) came from a hoarder home with 70+ siamese cats. He and his kitty pals were rescued by animal control and a local no-kill shelter.
Read his story ››

How can I get my rescued kitten to open up?

Promeris Flea and TIck ControlSometimes a rescued pet doesn't "open up" right away due to their history before being adopted. Find out from our resident vet what he recommended to a new kitten owner.
Read more here ››

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