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Dear Catster Member, February 19, 2008
This week's furrific lineup includes Dr. Barchas (pronounched "Bark-us"), new products you can be the first to try—for free—and more. Big meows!
Vet Blog Vet Blog
Dr. Barchas, our resident veterinarian, has been answering your questions for over three years in his Ask the Vet column. Now he has his own blog, where he'll continue to give expert advice, plus talk about pet food recalls, news and more!

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Free Stuff for Your Furry Friend


Join the Febreze® Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator™ Group to receive free fun toys and a complimentary sample of Febreze's new product that eliminates odors in the air and leaves a light, fresh scent.
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Fresh Step

Buy specially marked packages of Fresh Step® litter to earn Paw Points® and get great rewards for you and your furry friend. Or donate your points to help keep cats safe.
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This Week's Top 5: States

Ever wonder where Catster members reside? Here are the top states, with links to strolls through all the Pet Pages from that area.

  1. California (over 15,540)
  2. New York (over 8,000)
  3. Texas (over 7,560)
  4. Florida (over 6,540)
  5. Pennsylvania (over 5,850)

Spay Day USA

Spay Day USA

The Humane Society of the United States will hold its annual campaign to inspire people to save animal lives by spaying or neutering pets and feral cats on Feb. 26. Dogster members have their own group to support these initiatives.
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