Catster's June Meow: Snag a fur-ee photo book, get your cat's horoscope and tips for bringing a new kitty home

June 5, 2007
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Dear Catster Member,

Hello Kitty!

Summer is almost here, and both kittens and humans at Catster HQ are purring with excitement. No doubt, you are, too. Lots of fun and informative news to share--start scratchin'.

Pawfect news : Shutterfly has joined our Community
We've been looking long and hard for the right partner to help you create keepsakes showcasing your little furball. Shutterfly - the #1 online photo service - is the answer. They'll provide you with an award-winning customer experience... they'll also send you some whisker-twitching special offers - keep a lookout for more fun in your mailbox. To celebrate the launch of our partnership, everyone gets a FREE 20-page 8.5x11 photo book that you can personalize with your own words and photos. These are super easy to create, a really special keepsake and a $30 gift just for being a Catster! Here is your unique code: __SHUTTERFLY_CODE__.

Enter the code here to get your free Shutterfly Photo Book and spread that kitty bliss.

Get a Friend to Join, Win Zealies and More
Share your Catster love with a pal and you could win 100 Zealies. Every month, a new member is randomly selected to win a new digital camera, and if that member was referred by a Catster member, that lucky kitty received 100 Zealies. Want a cut of this action? Then tell the other meow-maniacs in your life to join Catster. And if they win, you win. Give them this link: Meow!

New Feature: Kitty Horoscopes
Time to add your pets' star signs to their profiles. Every day, you'll be able to read your Leo's or Gemini's horoscope, provided by our pals at To get this fun new feature on your pet's page, go to your Catster Account Page, click on 'Modify biography & traits' for your kitty and add the sun sign - it's right next to birth date. Wonder what the stars have in store for your furry Aquarius today? Go and find out!

Curious Cat Tip #106
Q: You love your cat, but you really want to adopt another. What are some things to keep in mind when bringing home a new kitty?
A: There are many things to consider when adopting a new cat, including the age and temperament of your pet and the new one you plan to adopt (obviously kittens will require a lot more work than older cats). Before you pounce just be sure you have the time, budget and patience to devote to your new family member. There's no getting around it, there will be a lot more scooping the litter box, and you may find yourself playing referee as the two cats get used to each other. On the other hand, there is nothing more fun and heartwarming than watching the antics of cats playing, kissing and cuddling. And of course, you'll get twice as much love, too. Meow!

For more advice on a wide range of topics, head to the Catster Forums.

Catster Community: Snuggling Up to Catster
We wanted to share this p-mail we recently received from Catster member, Fran.
All day I work on the computer. And when I come home, I go straight to Catster to see what's going on in fuzzbutt land. Visiting Catster makes me feel like one of my dearest friends has just walked into the room. You know how relaxed and happy you are when you see an old friend? It changes your day and sometimes your life. Catster is safe and warm, and relieves stress and anxiety. It reminds me that life in Kitty Country is wonderful and how lucky I am to be alive.
We love to hear how Catster has changed/improved/bettered your life. Keep meowing those tales to If we use your note in an upcoming newsletter, we'll credit your account 10 Zealies!

Cool Catster Doodads
Catster badges and stickers are fun ways to show your ferocious devotion to Catster. It's simple to make a badge for your kitty and put it on your other web pages. (Learn how at: Or, send in a self-addressed stamped envelope and score some Catster stickers that you can put on car bumpers, notebooks, computers, you name it. Mail to 555 De Haro Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94107. (Attention: Stickers!)

Paws out!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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