December Meow! This Issue: Holiday Picture Party

December 4, 2006
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Dear Catster Member,

Meow meow!

Happy and safe holidays to you and your fur babies from Catster HQ! We know you have a busy month ahead filled with shopping, gift wrapping and of course eating, so we'll get right to the December news.

It's the 2006 Holiday Picture Party
Everyone loves a party, right? Well, here's your chance to join in the 2006 Holiday Picture Party with all of your spirited Catster friends. Just add your holiday themed photo or take the stroll. Warning: you will do a lot of smiling!

Last Week to Vote for Best In Show
The World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show is coming to its crazy-fun end. This Thursday, Dec. 7th, we will announce the winners so be sure to get your vote in for your favorite finalist now. Congratulations and good luck to all the finalists!

Roomba Vacuum Offer for Catster Members!
Roomba Vacuuming Robots for pets are specially designed to pick up fur, litter and dirt with the touch of a button. And right now Catster members save 15% and get Free Shipping! So simplify holiday shopping and give the Roomba to the pet lover on your gift list.

Kitties go Krazy for VPI Pet Insurance!
Stemming the Sands of Stagnation is what VPI does. And we do it by the best way possible: By making sure your kitty is protected. Founded by veterinarians to assist pet lovers in providing the best possible healthcare for their furry companions, VPI Pet Insurance has been protecting felines for over 20 years. Who else can say that? And with Catster being the premier stop for pet lovers, who else were we going to partner with? VPI has teamed up with Catster to provide healthcare news and tips as well as incentives for Catster members. Don't settle for less; protect your Cat with the best!

Unique Holiday Gift Idea That Saves Cats -- Plus Free Desktop Calendar
Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate this holiday season? This year, give a gift to a friend or loved one that also helps dogs and cats in the world's poorest communities. Your gift will provide desperately needed veterinary services to families that cannot afford to care for their pets. Give a gift that will truly make a difference for an animal in need. Gift recipients receive a special package that includes a desktop calendar.

Having Guests Over For The Holidays And Keeping Your House Clean
And now a quick word from our cat litter sponsor, Fresh Step: "It's cool to be a little funky, but having a funky smelling litter box is something else. That's why Fresh Step scoopable litter contains odor absorbing activated carbon. Activated carbon is a breakthrough addition to eliminate litter box odor. So be a cool cat, but get the funk out of your litter box." We couldn't agree more. Also, a big Catster thank-you head bonk to Fresh Step for supporting our pawsome community!

PET-TABS Lucky Kat Sweepstakes!
Pet-Tabs Vitamin-Mineral Supplements are premium quality supplements. Given daily, Pet-Tabs help cats lead healthy, happy, energetic lives. Thanks to the folks that make Pet-Tabs, you can enter here to win a trip for two people and your pet, including certificates for round trip airfare and two nights at a luxury hotel. So enter now to win. Meow!

From The Catster Community!
Just in time for the holidays, here's a touching and inspiring sentiment from Sweetie's mom.
One of my favorite times during Christmas is late at night. The house is quiet and still, and everyone is fast asleep. It's dark inside except for the twinkling of the Christmas lights, and Christmas music can be heard playing ever so softly from somewhere in the house. I sit gazing at the lights smiling to myself of how every Christmas can bring that feeling of magic, wonder & awe.

Like a holiday tradition playing out every year, this is the time she comes to me. She'll circle the tree once, looking under it as if to admire its beauty, she then will come to me and lay in my arms. It's our special time together. It's a magic moment that only Christmas can bring and the bond shared between us can make. We sit together in silence for an hour, maybe more, just looking, listening and enjoying the wonder & beauty that only Christmas can hold. This is our special time. This is our time together.

THIS IS my favorite holiday tradition that Sweetie & I share.

Catster has changed all of our lives, so we always want to hear how it has affected you and your fur babies! Keep on meowing those stories to Randi at Dogster dot com!

Feline Friend Requests Improved
The community talks and Catster listens :) Many of you have meowed to us asking for improvements to Feline Friend requests. And now, they are here! When you click on the kitty that you want to be pals with, you get the option of selecting their whole family - one quick request and you can make multiple pals! You can also review and manage all of your requests from the new Feline Friend Requests Page. It will help you track down whom you've contacted, if they've accepted, etc. We hope you all enjoy the new Feline Friend features as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Sticker Madness!
Sometimes the best gifts in life are free - especially during the holiday season. So, we're giving away free Catster stickers so you can show off your love of kitties-whether it's on your car or on your locker at school. If this sounds up your alley, send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Dogster HQ, Attn: Catster Stickers, 555 DeHaro Street #350, San Francisco, CA 94107 and we'll meow a Catster sticker right back to you!

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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