The October Meow - Enter the World's Coolest, Introducing Zealies!

October 11, 2006
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Dear Catster Member,

Meow meow!

Fall is here! Time for chasing falling leaves and finding a warm sun beam to hold off the cool fall air. Lots of news to report in Catsterland so let's get to it. Meow!

Enter Now!
2nd Annual World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show!!!
Get your best photos ready and put your judging hats on because the 2nd Annual World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show is officially open! Just like last year's contest there are tons of super fun categories anyone can enter for free! Winners get amazing prizes and permanent display! Enter and vote for category finalists now through Nov 16th. Best in Show voting ends Dec 6th. Seriously, this is the most fun a cat can have!

Carbon Really Works!
And now a quick word from our cat litter sponsor, Fresh Step: "It's cool to be a little funky, but having a funky smelling litter box is something else. That's why Fresh Step scoopable litter contains odor absorbing activated carbon. Activated carbon is a breakthrough addition to eliminate litter box odor. So be a cool cat, but get the funk out of your litter box." We couldn't agree more. Also, a big Catster thank-you head bonk to Fresh Step for supporting our pawsome community!

Try Zealies!
Introducing Stars and Zealies - Plus Rosettes Available to All
Have you ever wished that you had some more Rosettes to give away? Ever wanted to give that special kitty something really, really special? Now you can with Zealies and Stars! Any cat can buy Zealies and then use them to give away cool gifts like Rosettes and Stars. What's a Star you ask? It's like a Rosette except it lasts fur-ever! To get everyone started we have given every kitty in Catsterland 10 Zealies. For more information read the official site update or go directly to the Zealie page.

From the Catster Community!
This incredible story made all of us at HQ smile with pride at the amazing outpurring of support from our community.
On September 15th a desperate Catster member posted about suddenly needing to rehome her kitties due to a drastic life change. Supportive cats posted, recommending various animal shelters. The cats' mom called every one, from small, local shelters to the large national, well-known shelters - all with the same answer, "Sorry, we're full." Then... hope! Two separate people from the internet wanted to adopt the cats. The kitties' mom was overjoyed. At least two of her furchildren would go to new homes. But by Friday her hopes were dashed again as neither person had shown up or even called.

Since the outside world wouldn't help, the Catsters took matters into their own paws. Meows went out to the Catster groups, cats pmailed their friends, and the offers to adopt came in. Baby Manx in Washington wanted to adopt Love Muffin. Awnee & Jinx were going to Ashlye in Florida. Wallace the kitten was going to Lucky Boo's home in Georgia. Strudel the kitten was going to Thyda in New Mexico , Loki was going to Callie's house in Washington and the Maine Coon Rescue group was going to foster Pe Pe. The cats going to Georgia and Florida needed to be flown and Catsters made the arrangements. Every cat had found a home!

And, in a post, Love Muffin, Awnee, Jinx, Loki and Pe Pe's mom said, "I have been saying it and I will say it again....I am in total awe and shock of the amount of generosity and outpouring of help and kindness ... I never in my wildest dreams would have expected all this from anyone... For that I am totally and completely grateful!! There is never going to be words to explain what you all have done for us emotionally and spiritually!!"

We always want to hear how Catster has changed your life! Did you adopt or rescue via our site? Have you gotten involved in any new causes with the Dogster community? Keep on sending those stories to Randi at Dogster dot com!

Got Stickers?
Every time we think that everyone has a Catster sticker, we put this in the newsletter and are blown away by the stacks of requests that roll in. So, we are still giving away free stickers to the best kitty community in the whole world. Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Dogster HQ, Attn: Catster Stickers, 555 De Haro Street #350, San Francisco, CA 94107 and we'll meow one right back to you! We won't stop until everyone has one :)

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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