September Catster Meow - Mroooooow!

September 12, 2006
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Dear Catster Member,

Meow meow!

It has been a busy month and there is a lot to meow about. So here it is - another furtastic edition of the Catster News-meower!

Catster Video Launches
You meowed for it and you got it! Catster video is officially here and is we are purring with excitement! Now you can show the rest of world real, live, in-the-fur footage of your fur babies! To upload video simply go to your account page and click on "Video Manager." If this is your first time uploading a video you'll have to download a small piece of software. Enjoy and try not to get any fur on the camera lens! As soon as you put video on your page your kitty will be featured in the new Video Stroll!

$5 Off & Free Shipping
PetCareRX - $5 Discount & Free Shipping for Catster Members!
You work hard for the money, so hard for it honey, so you better treat your pet right! Our friends at PetCareRX sing the same tune, that's why they have created a special offer just for Catster members. By clicking here you can save $5 bucks AND receive free shipping on all orders of $25 or more. So play that funky music and get all your pet prescriptions and supplies at PetCareRX!

CatsterPlus now has Instant Messaging
In addition to the other furrbulous features like rosettes, extra photo storage and extra bio fields, CatsterPlus now offers you the ability to instant message with your Plus pals! For only $19.95 a year you can join the Plus pack and start chatting it up immediately. You can even use a webcam if you want to really feel like your cats are talking to each other. Sign up today and try it free for a week!

Are you Prepared?
With the recent anniversaries of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina, what better time than NOW to make a preparedness plan in the event of emergencies? The Department of Homeland Security has deemed September 2006 as National Preparedness Month. We hope you will all visit their site for detailed information on how to ensure you and your pets' safety in the case of an emergency.

How Many Gray Tabbies can you fit in one room?
So far there are 245 in the "Hey You Look Like Me" Gray Tabbies group. Check it out and let's see how many we really can squeeze in there ;)

From the Catster Community!
Here's another truly inspiring sentiment from the human of Squeakers...
One of the things I love most about Catster is how we all stick together in good times and in bad. When my best kitty friend's cat died we were there to comfort her 24 hours a day - it's so cool how there are cats all over the world to support each other. We are also there to celebrate together for birthday parties, or holidays, and just general silliness. Even though I've never met these cats in person I feel like they are some of the best friends I've ever had!
Have you met other Catster members in person? Have you gotten involved in any new causes since joining our site? We always love hearing how Catster has changed your lives and your animals lives - keep the stories pouring in to Randi[at]Dogster[dot]com.

Wanna Sticker?
They're cool, they're fun, they're all Catster. Get yours by sending a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Catster Stickers, 555 DeHaro Street #350, San Francisco, CA 94107 and we'll meow one right back to you! We won't stop until everyone has one :)

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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