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Dear Catster Member, May 3, 2011
Turn Your Junk Mail into Cat Toys
Turn Your Junk Mail into Cat Toys

It's rough being a cat owner sometimes. We spend our money on fabulous toys for our feline friends only to watch them tire of them in minutes and turn their attention to the packaging. We're left with abandoned toys that get thrown out or placed in storage to toss out at a later date.

So, how do you lavish your kitty with new toys without breaking the bank or filling up the trash can? The eco-friendly solution is to create your own green cat toys by upcycling items from your blue bin!

Here's how to turn junk into fun toys for kitty ››

See a difference. See the savings.

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Meet Dorian, Pimp and Moo!

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Of Cats and Clothes

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Cat's Pride® Travel Kit

Cat's Pride® Travel KitWhether you're traveling, cat-sitting or just looking for convenience, Cat's Pride KatKit® is the ultimate disposable, portable, no-mess litter box solution!
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