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Dear Catster Member, August 3, 2010
Needling the Cat
Needling the Cat

Over the centuries, Chinese medicine practitioners have mapped out a series of acupuncture points connected together like Christmas lights by pathways called meridians. Our feline friends have 112 of these acupoints. It may be hard to believe that a cat would sit still and accept having needles stuck in him, but while some kitties won't tolerate the treatment, a good majority of cats do.

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Name This Kitty!

Name This KittyOver the weekend, a cat called Cotton was rescued. His new family isn't sure they want to keep calling him that and are asking their fellow Catsters for help naming this sweetie ››

Understanding Pet Insurance

Understanding Pet InsurancePet insurance can have annual deductibles, per incident deductibles, per illness category deductibles, or per condition deductibles. But what does it all mean?

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