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Catster Community Newsletter

May 7, 2010

A Sneak Peek at the New Catster

Dear Catsters, by month's end the site facelift we at HQ have been working so hard on will finally be complete! We know you're burning with curiosity at this point, so we thought we'd offer you a small taste of the new look and features to expect from the new Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the new starting page for members which we've customized to highlight all your Catster activity, messaging, friends' updates and more.

Check it out »


The Power of the Purr Chain

We've Got Winners!

Do you support cat adoption? Come purr about it! The Power of the Purr Chain, a forum thread that was started in 2005, is still going strong today with hundreds of Catsters posting a supportive purr for more adoptions. Purr today »

Group We Love: The Animal Rescue Group

The Animal Rescue GroupThe Animal Rescue Group is a watering hole for some of the biggest hearts around - Catster and Dogster members involved in rescue, fostering, and adoption! Come on in and say hi »

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