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Dear Catster Member, April 13, 2010
Where Cats Rule the Stacks Where Cats Rule the Stacks

Libraries are great places for folks who love to nose through the stacks of books, and equally purrfect places for cats to meet book lovers. There are an estimated 808 documented library cats out there, including 301 cats who currently reside in libraries around the world.

Meet eight of them ››

Enrich Your Day with Music and More!

FancyFeastCelebrate your day with 5 music channels, then brighten someone else's by sending them a personalized ecard. Celebrate the moment at ››

Buried Treasure Game!

PetcentricDo you have what it takes to sniff your way to New York City? Dig up the most pet-related riches that are hidden around our site to claim the Grand Prize. Start Digging Now! ››

Sweep It All.

Swiffer Sweeper VacThe new Swiffer SweeperVac cleans messes big and small in one powerful step. It gets cat food with its vacuum and pet hair with its dry cloth. Save $5 now! ››

Who Let the Cat Out of the Bag?

Who Let the Cat Out of the Bag?You've heard of purse pooches, but how about bag cats? We doubt our feline friends would let us ferry them around like some unfortunate canines, but sometimes they find their way into bags all on their own. Browse our Bag Cat gallery ››

Fresh Step® Sponsors New Game Center!

New Game Center!Check out our new arcade of online pet games! Play our fun new Fresh Step® memory game; see what famous star your feline is or test your skill at identifying cat breeds. Play Now! »

Introducing: Catatar!

CatatarOur latest photo site, Catatar, authored by The Cat's Meow editor Karen Nichols, is dedicated to showcasing cats both big and small in all their glory. Get your giggles at Catatar! »

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