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December 5, 2005
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Meow, meow!

The holidays are here again! The holidays are here again! Families, friends and cats are getting together all across the world to celebrate and to wish each other good tidings. We, too, have a special wish this year; we are wishing all the kitties in Catster land the happiest holiday season ever!

Wouldn't the greatest holiday wish be to win Best In Show in the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show??? You can make a kitty's dream come true by voting for them for Best In Show. Please make sure to vote now! The close of voting is only hours away. That's right, voting closes 9pm PST, Wednesday, December 7th (midnight Eastern time). Winners announced Thursday December 8th. Get your vote in now. It is still wide open and every kitty has a good chance to win.

Did some cat mention holidays? Our favorite thing about the holidays is the Catster Holiday Picture Party. Get your camera out and capture your fur-pal in the snow, in holiday cheer or in any holiday-themed photo. Once you have joined, you'll get a permanent mini holiday logo on your pet's page with a link to your pet's holiday picture page. You won't even believe how fun and heartwarming it is to see all the holiday kitty pictures! Join now or see the whole Holiday Picture Party.

The ASPCA never takes a holiday from saving animals' lives. Every day of the year, the ASPCA is taking significant steps to put an end to animal cruelty and to ensure that abused, abandoned, lost and lonely animals receive the lifesaving care they need. With the support of their members, they have worked tirelessly over the years and every act of compassion has added up to thousands of loving animals getting a second chance at a happy life. It is our hope that you will find it in your heart to support the ASPCA and the animals they serve with a special year-end gift.

Have you ever heard the joke 'No one knows you're a dog on the Internet?” Well, around here we're more apt to think, 'No one knows you're a human on Dogster". In fact, we even made a funny little movie with our new dog suit to prove it. If you haven't watched our video yet, don't miss it. And, if you think it's funny, hook us dogs up and post the link for others to see. You can save the movie to your hard drive, email it to friends, or just pass the link around! Check it out! Now, we just need to find a cat suit!

Looking for a great gift for your feline friend (or yourself)? Give the gift of CatsterPlus! Not only will you be making your pal super happy with new features such as Photo Book, captions, frames and Rosettes; you will also be helping to ensure that Catster will be around next year with lots of new features and serving faster than a cat on the run. Ask any Plus member and they'll tell ya, this is a good deal and a lot of fun! Don't wait as the current discounted, introductory price of $19.95 is scheduled to go up in 2006. Lock in the low price now!

Finally, a big thanks to all of you for being part of the best, most fun, most friendly pet community in the world! We are so very, very grateful to have you as part our lives and the Catster family. May you and your families have the happiest holiday ever and may all pets, wherever they are, be happy and loved.

Ted, John & Steven
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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