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Dear Catster Member, July 20, 2009
Three Tips for a Safe Summer Three Tips for a Safe Summer

While we humans are busy enjoying the sun and fun of summer, it can be a tricky and often uncomfortable time for our furry little friends. When the temperature rises, so does the risk for feline injuries and health problems. We've assembled a quick list of three tips that will help you to better enjoy the summer with your cat.

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Soft on Cats. Hard on Fleas

Bayer Advantage for CatsAsk your veterinarian for Advantage®, gentle but effective flea control that works fast. To learn more and get two free months' supply with purchase, visit us on Catster.
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Make Your Cat Love the Litter Box

Cat Attract Litter Cat Attract™ Litter has a natural herbal additive and an ideal texture and particle size to bring your cat back to the litter box.

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Lack of Appetite?

Lack of Appetite?Cats often go through periods when eating habits change dramatically. Lack of appetite is often temporary, but it is definitely worth understanding and knowing what to look for.
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Member-Made Gifts in the Shop

Gifts made by MembersThe winners of the Make Your own Digital Gift Contest have been announced and the winning gifts are in the gift shop! Thanks to everyfur who sent in entries!
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