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Dear Catster Member, October 6, 2008
New Catster Blog: The Cat's Meow Catster Unleases The Cat's Meow
After some very mysterious happenings and top secret negotiations, the cat is now officially out of the bag! is purring with excitement over the latest addition to our Catster family of blogs - The Cat's Meow: Catster's Cats and Kittens Blog. Written by Karen Nichols and Skeezix the Cat, the blog purromises to keep you in the loop in regards to all things cat!
Read about the Shea Stadium stray cats ››
Read Skeezix's review of the FURminator ››
Learn about the Pedigree dry food recall ››

Join The Movement

Join the Movement: Yesterday's News Cat LitterMake your cat an official Tree Hugging Cat! Get a Tree Hugging Cat certificate, and hang it proudly. Then start spreading the News. Yesterday's News.
Check it out! ››

Obama or McCain? Let the Cats Decide!

Who would your cat vote for?Not too sure you trust the humans to elect the right man for the job? Why not let a superior species determine who the next pawccupant of the Oval Office should be?
Swing on by and cast your cat's vote ››

Need Answers Regarding Feral Cats?

Help answer Cherry's questionWell, so does Cherry. After recently seeing an injured feral cat in her area, Cherry's not real sure what to do about it and is asking for suggestions in our ANSWERS section.
Help Cherry out by offering up a little advice ››

Get Pet Fresh with Febreze!

Febreze: Send Odors PackingNew pet owners can never have too many friends! Join the Febreze Group to freshen up and don't forget to send the Febreze virtual gift available in our Gift Shop to new pals.
Click here to find out more ››

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