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Dear %%$first_name%% %%$last_name%%, September 23, 2008
Purresidential Debating

Purresidential Debating

With the U.S. elections coming up and the first of the Purrresidential Debates scheduled for this Furiday, you're either fed up with it all or you just can't get enough! No matter which side of the debate you're on, Catster cats are showing their true patriotic colors!

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Put a Pet in the Oval Pawffice

Check out some animal candidates on SnuzzyWhy walk upright into the White House when you can prance in on all fours? Those human candidates more than likely wouldn't stand a chance against some of the four-legged pawliticians out there.
Check out some of the animal candidates on Snuzzy! ››

Send Pet Odors Packing

Febreze: Send Odors PackingFebreze® Pet Odor Eliminator products are formulated to neutralize stubborn pet odors and leave a light, fresh scent around your home.
Click here to find out more ››

Discover the Ultimate Litter

EverClean Premium Clumping Cat LitterEverClean® Premium Clumping Cat Litter comes in an Extra Strength formula for maximum clumping power and unscented for cats (and people) sensitive to scent.
Find Out More ››

Stay Up-To-Date with Catster

Catster Site UpdatesWe know that with all the furiend-making and gift-giving you're doing, it's purrty hard to keep up with what's happening throughout the site. That's what the Catster Site News and Updates Blog is all about!
Stay on track ››

Aggressive Kitty Got You Down?

Angry KittyOne Catster guest has a little wild child whose skittish behavior has turned into crying and hissing, and is now looking for a little advice in our Catster Answers section.
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Litter-Robot ends scooping!

Litter Robot Planning a trip over the upcoming Columbus Day holiday? Don't stress over arrangements to care for your litter box. Discover how the Litter Robot can free you from litter box scooping duty forever.
Click here for details ››

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