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Dear %%$first_name%% %%$last_name%%, September 8, 2008
Cat Manual: Cat Behavior and Training

A How-To Manual That the Cat's Meow

Check out the tips manual that all the cool cats are meowing about! Our pawesome online instructional tool is a must-read for all cat owners. From bringing your cat home to selecting a vet, it's the resource that cat people just can't be without!

Teach your cat how to play fetch! ››
Help your plus-sized darling lose a little weight ››
Learn more about cat sleep patterns ››

Join The Movement

Join the Movement: Yesterday's News Cat LitterMake your cat an official Tree Hugging Cat! Get a Tree Hugging Cat certificate, and hang it proudly. Then start spreading the News. Yesterday's News.
Check it out! ››

Revolutionary Color Changing Litter

Arm and HammerTry ARM & HAMMER® Clumping Cat Litter for a fresh litter box. Clumps turn blue when wet to help you find easily even the smallest odor causing pieces.
Get up to $5 in coupons now ››

ResPAWnsibility Poll - Who Does What?

Who Does WhatCatster Forums user Leaf wants to know if Mom or Dad is doing most of the cat care-giving at your pad. Inquiring meows want to know!
Who is the primary cat caregiver in your home? ››

Stinking Outside the Box

Stinking Outside the BoxUrinating outside the cat litter box could signify serious medical and/or behavioral problems.
Read about inappropriate urination on our Vetblog ››

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