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The Infinite Cat Project: Cats Looking at Cats Looking at Cats Looking at Cats Looking at …

A never-ending stream of cats watching cats? Yeah, we'll look at that. Actually, our cat should look at that.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 3rd 2012

We all love looking at cats on the Internet, but what about cats? Do they like looking at cats on the Internet?

The Infinite Cat Project has discovered that yes, cats do like looking at cats on the Internet … and looking at cats and looking at cats and looking at cats and looking at cats … forever.

One day, there was a cat named Frankie, who was a very romantic cat, and he wanted to give a rose to the world. Unbeknown to Frankie, what he actually gave to the world was a phenomenon that would keep on giving and giving. And that phenomenon was the Infinite Cat Project. While looking at his own photo on the computer, Frankie’s person snapped a photo.

It was such a good photo that Poozy the cat wanted to take a look at it on the computer, and that’s when Poozy’s person snapped a picture of Poozy looking at Frankie … and then Frankie took a look at Poozy … and then Abby looked at Frankie watching Poozy … and then an Internet meme was born.

Now guests are invited to submit photos of their own cats looking at the previous cats of the Infinite Cat Project. There are now 1,793 cats and counting — that’s a lot of cats! Not only that, but you can see how computers have changed since the ’90s!

Are you gonna submit a cat to the Infinite Cat Project?