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Say Goodbye to Shark Week With a Shark-Cat on a Roomba

A shark-cat on Roomba meets a shark-baby on a Bumpo. Shark Week is definitely over, folks.

Michael Leaverton  |  Aug 19th 2014

Last week’s Shark Week is now a memory, just a thin, fading ripple on the ocean of television. We had fun. We celebrated with cats dressed as sharks. We watched show after show of these calm, bloodthirsty predators exercising complete control of their environment. We looked from the TV to our cat and from our cat to the TV, slowly, realizing something great and profound.

Hey, cats are like sharks!

Here are some ways cats are like sharks:

  • Both look like bags full of knives when they yawn.
  • Both like wet food.
  • Both get drawn up into tornados.
  • Both travel great distances for a meal — a cat might even migrate three rooms.
  • Both are intrigued by smell of blood.
  • Both will hide when the doorbell rings.
  • Both will nibble your fingers.
  • Both will chomp your toes.
  • Both will take a bite out of your calf.
  • Both will sever you in two, though it might take a cat a couple of years of steady effort.
  • Both think the other is an amateur when it comes to lifetime kills.
  • Both will rub up against you with love, though the shark quickly forgets that love when he decides to eat you.
  • Both have a love/eat relationship with seals.
  • Both can be viewed from the privacy of a shark cage.
  • Both like to sit on a Roombas.

As for that last one, we have something special to show you, the latest in a series of fine wildlife footage captured by TexasGirly1979 on YouTube. In the video, she encounters a cat-shark on a Roomba meeting a baby-shark on a Bumpo for the first time, in the kitchen.

And with that, let’s put a lid on Shark Week until next year.

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