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Artist Sarah McNeil Creates Delicate, Precious Cat Portraits

Her soft, lush renderings draw us closer to her kitten subjects -- and she does commissions!

 |  Dec 26th 2012  |   0 Contributions

With a degree in fine art from Monash University, artist Sarah McNeil draws with a delicate precision, drawing attention to the beauty of details. McNeil uses a combination of pencil and gauche to create an unabashedly precious look that is soft and sensual, asking the viewer to hold her images with careful hands; she inspires a tenderness toward her subjects.

We just love how pretty and decollate this is.

Which is why it's perfect that McNeil uses her gentle style to create commissioned portraits of pets. Our companion animals are dear to us, and that's exactly the feeling McNeil's artwork conveys. The $200 price tag alone speaks to the elevation of our felines from pets to family members -- a little out of reach for most of us, it's true, but McNeil exerts tremendous effort in creating each piece in order to render not only an animal's likeness, but a sense of the kitty's personality as well. Along with photos of the cat in question, McNeil asks customers to send a little bit of writing so she can create the best portrait possible.

McNeil uses pencil to outline and gauche to color the images in.

We love their little faces.

McNeil's lush images evoke a dreamy fairytale feeling, and we love to look at them and daydream away. Check out her Etsy store for drawings of cats, dogs, and darling forest creatures.

The fine lines make us think of the quiet foot falls of a cat slinking over for pets.

We could imagine this delicately framed and hung on the wall.

Images via Sarah McNeil's Etsy shop


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