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Internet Icon Pudge the Cat Launches a Line of T-Shirts

The line of meow-chandise also includes fine-art prints and stationery -- whatever it takes to extend the viral Internet fame.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 10th 2012

It’s a cat-eat-cat world on the Internet, with so many precious felines vying for their 15 minutes of viral fame. One minute you’re a just a house cat, and the next you’re Luna the Fashion Kitty with a host of fans following your every move — and sometimes your every poop. Or, in the case of Maru, you were just like all, “Oh hey, I’m a cat, I like to sit in boxes,” and then your human slave makes a video of it, pops it up on YouTube, and bam! You’re the new face of Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo. Or how about Henri the cat? His lamentations in French have launched him to the pinnacle of Internet fame, earning him recognition at the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

Pudge, however, is a longtime player in the Internet fame circle (“longtime” being a few months). You could even consider her “classic Internet.”

We’ve interviewed Pudge here before, and unlike some other young kitty Internet starlets, Pudge revealed a wisdom beyond her years, advising young cats to just be themselves and the rest will follow. She hasn’t fallen victim to the seduction of fame and is instead making some smart investments, such as teaming up with the Cats of Instagram to launch her own line of Pudge-themed apparel as well as fine-art prints and stationery.

We’ll take three, please!

Photos via Pudge’s website, merchandise images via the Cats of Instagram store.