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This morning, Skeezix and I left home under the cloak of darkness to avoid the massive grass-roots protest on our front lawn against Cat-Free Internet Day. The hisses of protest were just too much for us, and Skeezix has a nervous disposition as it is. So we got the heck out of town.

Before things got too hostile, I talked to the household of tabbies above who had this to say about Cat-Free Internet Day:

Tigger: “So now, what are we supposed to do all day?”

Randy: “Why cat-free innerwebs? Why not dog-free innerwebs? Dogs suck and the innerwebs would be better without them.”

Fluffy: “Few people know that Al Gore invented the innerwebs specifically to give disenfranchised cats a voice. A cat-free innerweb even for just a day spells the end of civilization as we know it.”

Mr Whiskers: “It’s all that Obama guy’s fault. He’s a dog person.”

Our friend Gleek may have said it best, “A day without cat cuteness? Crazy!!!”

Indeed. As Skeezix and I glanced around the lobby of an undisclosed airport, we watched news coverage of Cat-Free Internet day, and frankly, the promoters looked suspiciously like dog people. Scouting the faces of travelers around us, all but one person had a gloomy, hangdog expression on his face. When I checked out Mr Happy, I saw he had icanhascheezburger on his laptop. Cheezburger defied the innerwebs to continue to post cute all day long.

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Everyone else, deprived of Internet cat cuteness, looked like they had a case of the Mondays.

So folks, there’s your proof that there is no point if having an Internet if it’s cat free. No point at all.

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