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Taking a Human for a Walk: A How-To Video by Kodi the Kitten

So, you think you're in charge of your cat, huh? Well, here's a kitten who has other ideas.

 |  Jun 27th 2012  |   1 Contribution

You remember Kodi, right? The little kitten with a mesmerizing Dance of Intimidation?

Kodi and his buddy, Shorty, are back, and this time the precocious black-and-white kitty has something very important to teach us.

We always joke about how dogs have owners and cats have servants, but Kodi has taken it to a another level. In his latest video, Kodi demonstrates how to walk your pet human. Yup, that's sit, stay, heel -- good human! Here's a treat for you!

The video details step by step how to train a human to walk obediently on a leash, including tips on how to establish dominance, how to make sure your human is paying attention, and how to exercise together -- after all, a tired human is a happy human! Kodi's got it all down.

The video is totally adorable, but we might suggest that you watch it out of your cat's line of sight ... she might get ideas. If she doesn't have them already, that is.

In fact, some cats are so good, they don't even need a leash to control us. Yeah, every time you let your indecisive feline inside or outside, think about this: Who's got who under their thumb?


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