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Grumpy Cats: It’s the New Thing on the Internet

Grumpy Cat disapproves of ... well, pretty much everything.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 26th 2012

Ever since we wrote about Colonel Meow — and his large fluffiness, furrowed brows, and pathological fear of hairballs — we’ve been noticing a certain phenomenon on the Internet. Beyond Henri’s languishing existentialism, there appears to be some cats who outright disdainfully disapprove of, well, everything, and they are suddenly getting some attention.

Maybe it’s the upcoming election that is upsetting them — there is certainly a lot to think about. These cats are especially concerned when they hear what us humans are still making issues out of. They are mildly exasperated, to say the least.

But if you thought Colonel Meow’s countenance of consternation was a little intimidating, we’d like to introduce you to Grumpy Cat, whose little frowny face is even more disarming when you consider how adorable the rest of her is.

Lest looking at Grumpy Cat engages your Photoshop alarm, here is a video of her face in action, and yes, it would appear that the little darling is permanently cranky — and also permanently cute.

In this video, Grumpy Cat almost vocalizes her disapproval, yet she is so unimpressed with the quality of chin scratches she is receiving that no sound comes out of her mouth, because ugh, we just wouldn’t get it, would we?

Do you have a Grumpy Cat at home?

Via BuzzFeed