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We operate under the assumption that our cats desperately need us — to feed them, to care for them, to keep them warm and happy and healthy and safe. But every so often the veil is lifted and we see that the cats are just humoring us. The cats can handle themselves just fine. They’ve got it all figured out; they just keep us around because life is easier with two-legged servants who know how to buy a cat bed and open the wet food.

In this case, it’s cat toys: two cats who are playing a game with a mouse attached to a fishing pole. You might think a game like this requires a human to operate the fishing pole. Not the case.

I like to imagine that the owner of these two kitties was off on an errand somewhere in the house, calling to his kitties that he would be along shortly to begin playing with the fishing pole, and then he opens the door and sees this.


Fortunately, you’re still the one who can work a can opener.

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