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Which of These Would You Use as Your Facebook Cover Photo?

I'm reworking my Facebook page; which of these cat pictures would you use? Do you use a shot of your cat for your cover image?

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 19th 2014

I have to admit it: I love Facebook. As the Social Media Manager for Catster, I might be a little biased because Facebook is my job. Among our sister sites, we boast one of the most robust Facebook pages, with well over 80,000 fans.

But I might also be biased because my relationship with Facebook spans a decade, beginning during my freshmen year of college at the University of Southern California. Then, Facebook was more of a wild wild west, where it felt like we were taking part in building the Facebook of today. Because there were fewer users online (you used to need a college email to register and it was open only to certain campuses), it was an effective way to connect to people with similar interests. It’s how I met a lot of my college friends and it’s how I’ve made a lot of my friends today — both online and in real life.

I’ve seen Facebook through its evolution, and, currently, I appreciate some of its more advanced customization options. Among them is the cover image, which sets the tone of your online personality. For brand pages, this cover image is a great way to communicate immediately with people who visit the page, letting them know what to expect. Changing your cover image keeps visitors and fans engaged.

I figured it was about time to change mine, and while searching for options, I found some stuff that I think you’ll like! Check them out below.

Which one would you pick? What is your Facebook cover image right now? Is it of a cat? How often do you change it? Tell us in the comments!

Top image by Garett Gabriel

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