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Ellen DeGeneres Ends Cat Week With Internet Video Montage

Her talk show devotes a week to all things cat. We like this sort of thing. (Your move, Maury.)

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 18th 2012

There are two things that will inevitably make us smile — kittens and watching Ellen DeGeneres charm her guests on her talk show. And is there anything more cuddly than Ellen … and a kitten? Might be, but who cares?

Ellen hosted a week devoted to the celebration of cats, presented in part by Litter Genie (which has also captured our imaginations … though not in quite the same way Ellen has). To culminate her week, Ellen put together a little montage of cats just doing what they do best — catting around and being awww-dorable.

The montage includes some of the Internet’s most beloved cat moments, ranging from kittens stalking the camera, kittens playing with sparkly fuzzy things, kittens pouncing bed monsters, kittens attacking their own reflections, kittens trying to help with the laundry, kittens chasing a laser pointer, and kittens trying to make a clown car out of an empty soda box. You know, just general kitten stuff — goofing around, getting into lighthearted trouble, and making us giggle.

The kitten is a natural comedian. Not yet grown into a lofty, snobby cat, kittens are free to pursue silliness with reckless abandon. And thank catness for it, too — who needs TV when a kitten can provide hours of unpredictable entertainment and a lifetime of love and devotion.

Photo: British kitten on blue background by Shutterstock