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21 Ridiculously Adorable Cross-Eyed Cats

Hey, kitty -- you lookin' at me?! Or are you looking at the end of your nose?

 |  Sep 17th 2012  |   5 Contributions

Maybe it's a bug or a finger or a flying feather toy, or maybe they were born like that (I hear it's common with Siamese cats) ... but whatever it is, it has these kitties' eyes looking quirkily cute!

Photo by ming1967.

Photo by genevieve.l.

Photo by manda walker.

Photo by Mouser Nerdbot.

Photo by lisachristinelynn.

Photo by aeloen.

Photo by Theresa Debono.

Photo by Ewan Bellamy.

Photo by andipantz.

Photo by MeganSchuirmann.

Photo by de Vegu.

Photo by Lady Birchwood.

Photo by janoid.

Photo by marjorie64.

Photo by ndgcatlady.

Photo by sir_karakedi.

Photo by Biyu.

Photo by Theani.

Photo by peter_hasselbom.

Photo by Fairy_Nuff.

Photo by aprevite.


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