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Watch a Band of Kitties Lick, Hiss, and Meow in Rhythm

These cats make beautiful music -- but it could be part of a master plan to hypnotize us into submission.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 9th 2012

Cats sometimes make a lot of noise. There’s the hungry “FEED ME” meow-growl, and the booming and sonorous purr of contentment. Supposedly, cats devised these vocalizations to better communicate with us — a sort of dumbing down of their sophisticated telepathy in order to deal with our dense human brains. Normally they would just command our weak minds with a mere look — much like a Jedi — but sometimes they must emit an exasperated sound in order to get us out of bed. (“Sun’s about to rise, it’s time to feed me!”)

The Cat Diaries has composed a video of cat communication synchronized to an amusing little tune. In it, Casey (the gray cat) and Sassy (the calico cat) meow, hiss, and lick in time.

The scraping sandpaper sound of a kitty licking a table (cats are so weird) provides the background beat to a chorus of meows, with just a dash of hissing for punctuation.

We’re not really sure what’s so funny about cats repeatedly meowing, but we’re mildly embarrassed to admit we’ve watched the video a pawful of times — and laughed every step.

Maybe it’s part of a master cat plan to further enslave us.

Oh wait, we need to go now — there’s a cat here and he wants to be let out right meow!

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