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A Real-Life Pepé Le Pew Canoodles a Kitten

In an example of life imitating cartoons, a cute skunk charms a kitten to ... sleep?

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 11th 2012

We’ve seen it a million times in the classic Warner Bros. cartoons: An overtly romantic skunk named Pep├® Le Pew, who can never quite capture the heart of his object of affection — an ill-striped cat whom Pepe mistakes for a lady skunk. The premise of the cartoons revolves around Pepe persistently pursuing the cat, who, unable to tolerate the skunk’s overpowering musk and gestures of affection, eternally evades the lovestruck Pep├®.

In an example of life imitating cartoons, this skunk youngster avidly pursues a ginger kitty, with much more positive results. Unlike the cartoon, the kitten accepts the skunk’s advances, though it seems she’s much more interested in taking a nap than making out (cat naps are very high priority on a kitten’s to do list).

Romance is exhausting, for sure, especially when you’re a tiny baby skunk. Tired by his affectionate exertions, the skunk eventually cuddles up to the kitten for a nap.

Later the kitten awoke to a champagne breakfast prepared by the skunk, and after a brunch of spider pancakes and warm milk, the skunk drew the kitten “like one of his French girls,” and the “Awws” produced as a result of the finished drawing created world peace between cats and skunks. We guess their romance isn’t that far-fetched … skunks are also known as polecats, after all.

Skunks and dogs, however, are a very different story.

Photo: Still-life with kitten sleeping with a paper heart by