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Cat “Helps” Another Cat Down a Flight of Stairs

Oh, you'd like to head down those steep stairs? I can help you!

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 10th 2012

Here at Catster, we love cats, but even we can admit that some cats can have, well, a sneaky dark side. Like the older brother who blamed messes on you, we wouldn’t put it past a cat to knock over a flower vase and then blame the dog. We bet you can think of more than one instance when you came home to an accident and the cat seemed more nonchalant or self-congratulatory than usual.

The best thing about cats, however, is that unlike the family dog, the cat is brazen. He will look you square in the eye as he stiffens his tail to spray all over your couch, and when you try to shoo him away, he’ll scamper off and lick his paws as if he’s just enjoyed the finest meal (they say revenge for throwing away a favorite box is a meal best served with a side of cat barf). Then he’ll watch you with disdain as you scrub the pee out, praying desperately for nature’s miracle.

And if you think that’s bad, just watch what one cat does to another in this video.

You can almost imagine the scene that preceded this. The one cat is all, “Hey! I think I saw a mouse down there — why don’t you have a look?”

So the other cat does, all like, “What mouse? Where?”

“Oh, right there, look closer. A little closer?”

“I don’t see a mouse — what? Ahhh! Meow! Hiss!”

The perpetrator doesn’t look the least bit sorry.

Photo: Scottish Fold grey cat by Shutterstock

Via Jokeroo