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What’s Rarer Than a Panda? A Cat-Panda!

And even rarer than a cat-panda is a kitty who will wear a costume for more than 10 seconds.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 1st 2012

Quiet! Don’t move!

Imagine this: We’re out in the jungle, surrounded by verdant foliage. The air is thick with the buzz of insects. The air is humid, and though we’re standing still, sweat rolls down our backs. We cup our ears, listening for a sound that might betray the movement of the creature we have traveled so far to behold — up and down mountains, through rivers, through thick tangles of vines. There’s a rustle, we stiffen, and suddenly — there it is. It’s rare. It’s marvelous. It’s a sight few people have seen.

It’s the cat-panda.

Actually, it’s Cooper. Cooper is a Persian kitty who doesn’t seem to mind donning a costume, which is even stranger than a cat-panda. In fact, he seems to enjoy it. Now that’s truly something rare.

Cooper stalks his natural habitat. And licks some asparagus. Who knew that cat-pandas enjoy vegetables? You learn something new every day.

The rare video footage is accompanied by a montage of snapshots. Behold the super-hard-to-find cat-panda as he sits among the tree branches!

Halloween may be over, but adorable never goes out of season.

Via Have You Seen This?; photo via Cooper’s website